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  1. Marie2020

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone all have a happy New Year I'm so pleased I found this place 🎅🎄🔔🎁💝
  2. Marie2020

    Shiitake Mushrooms

    Hello to those of you I have not met in here. :) I really enjoy shiitake mushrooms, I've bought some dried from an organic mushroom farm. I was about to cook up rice lentils peas and said mushrooms them managed to drop one on the floor. I am the worst ever gardener on this planet but thought...
  3. Marie2020

    Hi Marie here

    Hello I'm live in the UK with one old dog a cat that appeared in my garden as a a tiny kitten plus a few chickens. I only have 3 small garden areas, which is solid clay ground. There's has been massive changes for us all, it would be good if I can pick up a few extra tips. I've had a...