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  1. TanksHill

    Not new but....

    Hi Bee!!:frow:frow I think I have them both on FB. I'll mention it to them. G
  2. TanksHill

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Somebody..... has been running aroud luring us back. Just dropped in to poke around and see what happening. Thought I'd say hi. :idunno
  3. TanksHill

    Not new but....

    I'm so confused. It's all so different. : /
  4. TanksHill

    Not new but....

    Huh.....what's this I hear there's a party going on?
  5. TanksHill

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Ok nevermind. I found a hard copy of the recipie tucked away. It's a flavorful rub he calls Majic Dust. I'm missing a couple ingredients but plan on giving it a try when I get them. I hope all is well. Gina
  6. TanksHill

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Hey Deb, Its G. I am looking for SKR8PN Magic Dust Bacon Rub Recipe. I have not been on this site for a gazillion years and have no idea how to navigate it. Have you seen the recipe or him around lately? I'm surprised I could even log in. Crazy, so many familiar names and faces. g
  7. TanksHill

    It's almost chick time

    Congratulations! I finally bough a used Hovabator on cl. I have 6 eggs in for my trial run Were 7 days in and I candled. 5 look good. Very exciting. But you know......don't count your chickens before they hatch. Gina
  8. TanksHill

    help coloring my hair

    If I died my hair red I'm sure the grey would look pink. The grey has such a hard time taking color. :lol:
  9. TanksHill

    Easter Feast/traditions

    Sounds wonderful. The Easter bunny will be coming some time tonight. We will be having dinner with family tomorrow. Ham, turkey and gluten free side dishes. My sil is making a strawberry torte. Sounds good to me. Gina
  10. TanksHill

    help coloring my hair

    I started turning grey at 25. That was over 15 years ago. I used go color non stop. Until last year. I'm now in the Going Grey Gracefully crowd. No dye for almost a year. I couldn't get good coverage at allon my greys. And any color only lasted a short time. I wonder if anyone has any ideas...
  11. TanksHill

    My poultry house for 62 birds... and a couple 1sts.

    It looks great. Do you mind if I ask where you live or what your climate is? Gina
  12. TanksHill

    live in hippie

    Sounds tempting. But I've had enough adventure for the year. What's the old saying??? "Bloom whete your planted". Please keep us in the loop. It would be nice to see how your Eco Village progresses. Gina
  13. TanksHill

    Best way to deal with goat that died

    :hugs Sorry about your goat. G
  14. TanksHill

    Hello from France

    :frow Welcome. One small step at a time. So are you originally from France or a transplant? Gina
  15. TanksHill

    convert existing house to rainwater system

    I imagine with a bit of ingenuity you might be able to set up a system on your own cwith less cost. Sorry were you planning a gravity feed system or a pump? G