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  1. Britesea

    Britesea - Living the good life in rural Oregon

    A while back I read a story of a visiting pastor who attended a men's breakfast in the middle of a rural farming area of the country. The group had asked an older farmer, decked out in bib overalls, to say grace for the morning breakfast. "Lord, I hate buttermilk", the farmer began. The visiting...
  2. Britesea

    What did you do in the berry patch today?

    right now, we're just eating them fresh; berries being one of the few fruits I'm "allowed" on keto. Eventually I may have to make some kind of sugar-free preserves or desserts.
  3. Britesea

    What did you do in the berry patch today?

    My alpine strawberries are doing pretty good. We are starting to get a few berries now. I lost some plants because we had a major heat wave right after I planted them (note to self: get some Wilt Stop in the future!) The raspberries are going like gangbusters finally. It's been about 4 years...
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    Ohayo from Ohio!

    Welcome! we are in Zone 6b.
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    Bunker risk

    Too bad I can't read this. I've reached the end of my share of free articles, and I'm not willing to pay for this.
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    shortages? thoughts?

    Don't forget putting your faith in God. Jesus already won the battle, but the Enemy doesn't believe it.
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    What Did You Dehydrate Today?

    dried a batch of oregano from my garden :)
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    Hiya! We're down in the Cascades of Klamath County
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    Dehydrating tips and recipes

    I found out that tomato leaves are not as toxic as I've been led to believe. In moderation, they actually have a beneficial effect on the cardio system. I've been told that adding a leaf or two to pasta sauce intensifies the tomato flavor. ... potato leaves are a whole different story though....
  10. Britesea

    Dehydrating tips and recipes

    kinda hard to give hard and fast times- a lot depends on how juicy the tomatoes are (ie beefsteak vs roma) and humidity. It's been a while since I did tomatoes in the dehydrator, but I remember them coming out kind of crunchy.
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    Have you ever eaten okra leaves?

    Haven't tried either of those, but I've found Fat Hen (aka Good King Henry) makes a delicious spinach substitute. Purslane is great in salads and tacos.
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    Those look so nice! I do see a couple of seedlings volunteer in my asparagus bed crop up each year. Maybe eventually they will fill out the bed. I started with 6 plants, and I think I now have about twice that of producers.
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    Most important to Grow in the garden for food

    Well, I made a pie first, using a recipe for pumpkin pie, but I had to reduce the sugar by a third because the squash was so sweet. I've also made hash using squash cubes and onion with leftover ham- that was a good one. I've used it in a chowder with sausage. Basically, I use it in any...
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    Most important to Grow in the garden for food

    I've started growing Tepary Beans ( ) because they are very drought tolerant, and the first beans I've ever found that reliably gave me dried beans in my short growing season. I also tried Ute squash (...
  15. Britesea

    Cold Room Storage Questions

    Something else to think about with glass canning jars- If you have earthquakes, it's a good idea to try to keep them from banging into each other in a trembler. You could end up with a real mess. When I lived in California, I started using orphan socks to make cushioning sleeves for the jars...
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    Hello from Kingsville, OH

    Welcome from Oregon!
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    What Did You Dehydrate Today?

    I DO prefer using my freeze dryer for eggs- whisk the raw eggs, freeze them in oblong/square plastic containers to make little "pucks" that I can place on the tray (less risk of it sloshing over the edges!) and then powder them. Reconstituted and cooked, I find them indistinguishable from my...