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  1. flowerbug

    I'm going to make someone else a billionaire...

    Corn dog soup. Yep, that's it. Good luck. :)
  2. flowerbug

    Trees, Lumber, Forest Management for Diversity and Lumber, etc.

    i don't see this topic anyplace else. anyone doing this? please talk about it. :) thanks!
  3. flowerbug

    Have you ever eaten okra leaves?

    just came across this and wondered if anyone had actually done it? obviously younger leaves without spiny stems would be prefereable.
  4. flowerbug

    Happy Mother's Day to the Sweethearts of SS!

    I hope you all have a wonderful and fun day. :) :hugs
  5. flowerbug

    Finances, Stock Market, Money Market, Mutual Funds, Investments, Savings, etc.

    this is a long post to kick things off about the things that motivated me from the start. :) sorry it got so long. :) questions always welcome of course and comments too. this can be a thread about pretty much anything financial and planning. growing up on the lean side of the ledger i saw...
  6. flowerbug

    General Planning for the Upcoming Season

    what are you aiming for this coming season in terms of Self Sufficiency improvements? around here i have projects for dealing with some erosion that i'll be looking at, mostly water works i guess is what this would fall under. :) the rest of the plans are to improve and expand pea plantings...
  7. flowerbug

    Cleaning up squash seeds

    having saved and dried the squash seeds from this past season they were taking up too much room on the floor sitting there waiting for me to get to them. for my own uses it wouldn't matter if the seeds had some dried up pulp left on them, but to reduce how much space they'd take in storage i...
  8. flowerbug

    Alternative living.

    in thinking about how to get along on minimal resources i keep finding out that nature has pretty much figured out much of this many many years before us. like the idea that in order to live we need to keep warm. we've lost our fur, built structures, keep them warm, intead of just heating our...
  9. flowerbug

    thinking far into the future

    something i try to do as often as possible, reading science fiction as soon as i found out what it was all those years ago, plus fantasy too and being a general science nerd it just seems like something i aim to do even when i'm out in the gardens pondering what will happen to this bit of dirt...
  10. flowerbug

    Fruit Fly Trap

    with all the melon and tomato fruits coming in the house to be cut up or processed sometimes we can't help but bring in a few of these flies along with them. i know they like apple cider vinegar, but to make it work as an effective trap i put in a few drops of liquid soap and then some extra...
  11. flowerbug

    What are you eating from the garden?

    yesterday i had to have something fresh from the garden, after this winter and all. this being early spring one thing i really like to have is some fresh green garlic. it is dug up while the plant is still green and looks pretty much like a green onion, but if you chop it up and eat it fresh...
  12. flowerbug

    Let's play guess the parent!

    for those who already know, don't give it away! :) but for anyone else, guess which bean started this line. a larger view.
  13. flowerbug

    Long term planning

    i have no children, i have no debt, at some point i'm going to need to buy a house. when i'm dead and gone it would be nice to be able to pass on a place to someone else without going through the hassles of buying, selling and such, so i've been considering if/when i do ever have a house to put...
  14. flowerbug

    how i made soymilk

    i'm not sure if this method works for others but it was ok for me. i did grow my own soybeans, so a bit on that first, if you go out into a field around you where soybeans are grown you are likely to get soybeans that are more suited for animal feed or further processing and also they are...
  15. flowerbug

    it is not looking like a white Christmas here but i hope everyone has a great one!

    :) be well, have fun, give hugs, etc. :)
  16. flowerbug

    truffles, chocolate goodies

    [edited to make more consistent units] it is the colder season now so making chocolates becomes easier (less humidity) and it is also a good time to give some gifts and people always like them. i hadn't been making these for some years and so i had forgotten my exact recipe so the first few...
  17. flowerbug

    double action hoe (aka scuffle or strap hoe) on sale at wallys world

    $7+ tax is a bargain. i don't usually shop much but we were out today so this became Mom's Christmas present (along with a few boxes of her favorite chocolates :) ). check your local store to make sure it has them in stock before making a special trip, but ours has about a dozen of them left...
  18. flowerbug

    How about a short term steals and deals type of forum in the financial section?

    i just came across one and thought it would be worth posting it, but this doesn't quite fit under for sale or trade (unless you want to expand that to also have steals and deals)? just a thought. :) i would suggest it for TEG too.
  19. flowerbug

    end of life humor aka a fairly normal morning here

    really that was the only title that fits this morning's conversations. well it actually started Wednesday evening, because Mom went to visit some friends of hers and she has always talked to me and has it in her living will that she doesn't want anything done if something happens. basically...