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  1. TanksHill

    I need links

    I find myself at a very interesting point. I have several friends coming to me with children who are having health problems. I try to explain the plight of today's society and the fact that the children are malnourished and suffering. I have a hard time communicating these facts and getting...
  2. TanksHill

    Ok So whats the deal with canning apples???

    The other day I read a thread where someone mentioned they had made apple pie filling to can for the first time. When she took it out of the water bath the sauce/pie goo squished out the ring and down the side of the jar. Those who replied assured her that it was no biggy. jars must have been...
  3. TanksHill

    Portable Radio Recomendation

    As some of you may know or have heard southern Ca had a bit of a blackout this past Friday. I think my family fared very well. I had everything I needed from oil lamps to flash lights, with fresh batteries etc... I have a small wind up / solar radio. It worked but not well. With the power...
  4. TanksHill

    Whizbang Chicken Plucker???

    Ok so now you know what my next project is going to be. :D I was just wondering if anyone has built this before? Has any experience with the plans or any advice. With 50 birds coming up in early September this project is top of my list. Dh wants to go at it on his own. I am thinking the...
  5. TanksHill

    New Zealand quake!!!

    7.8 Any info????
  6. TanksHill

    Seeding for the Freedom Rangers

    Hey all, my dh and I fenced off an area for the Freedom Rangers. I would like to seed it and will water to grow greens for the chickens. I am trying to decied what to sow. Any suggestions??? G
  7. TanksHill

    Recycling/reusing steel barrels???

    A bit of advice needed. I recently picked up 4 steel barrels. They used to contain liquid silicone that was in a liner. Then sucked out for some scuba gear product. When empty the liner was removed and the barrel looks brand new. Nothing in side, clean as a whistle, no odor nadda. I...
  8. TanksHill

    Beef Brisket recipies???

    So my kids went to Aunties ranch Friday afternoon so dh and I went to dinner. :celebrate It was lovely to sit in the local place drink a beer and just be. Anyways we went to our local BBQ slab o meat place. I had brisket and dh had a tri tip. We both like the brisket better. I have...
  9. TanksHill

    Tiny Houses

    I know this topic has come up a few times before.... but I feel the need to ramble. I want to move. Not to Mo. this time. I found a piece of land here about 5 acres for a reasonable price. My dh could keep his job, the kids could go to the same school with an inter district transfer. Good...
  10. TanksHill

    Shipping Fertile Eggs???

    Can you guys tell me the best way to wrap eggs that are going in the mail? I was thinking tissue, the bubble wrap then into packing peanuts. Should the go back into some kind of carton as well so they don't bump??? Please let me know. Thanks, G
  11. TanksHill

    Cow in the Field

    I was not sure where to post this. Frugality, Do It Yourself, Family. It's kind of all of the above. My FIL has this idea of sticking a cow in his field. Not only to keep the weeds and stuff down but to put in the freezer. Talk about a sign of the times. I don't have any experience...
  12. TanksHill


    A friend sent this my way. I thought you all might like it. You may have heard on the news about a southern California man that was put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found that he owned 100 guns and allegedly had (by rough estimate) 1 million rounds of ammunition stored in...
  13. TanksHill

    Food Grade Buckets.

    So I had some luck a while back getting free buckets from my local doughnut shop. But unfortunately not any lately. I don't want to pay full price and even if you buy on line in bulk they are still prety costly. My question is...... If I am using Mylar bags to store food does it mater if I...
  14. TanksHill

    Essential oils??

    hello all. I found a couple recipes for a natural tick repellent. Made with Rose Geranium Oil. I was hoping for a couple referrals to a good essential oil source. Thanks, G
  15. TanksHill

    Wheres the beef???

    Wheres the Beef????????? Corned Beef that is. :P After the wonderful encouragement and competition we had over turkeys last year I started thing about Corned Beef. Does anyone else stock up on these??? It's almost St. Patty's day. My goal this year was to find 12 corned beef's. :P On...
  16. TanksHill

    Microscope for manure inspection??

    I know some of you have microscopes for looking at poop. :D I have always thought if I saw one at a good price I should pick it up. Well what do you think about this?? g
  17. TanksHill

    Quick chicken stock question???

    Last time I made stock I did not skim the fat. I actually read the direction this time and they said to cool, skim, then reboil before canning. Is this necessary? The last broth was very rich and I liked the fat rolling into the dish being prepared. What do you think?? g
  18. TanksHill

    Advice on a children's supplement????

    I was not sure where to put this. I am in search of a natural supplement for my 7yo daughter. To make a long story short she has some mood and frustration/emotional/hypersensitivity issues. We thought she was showing symptoms of ADHD but I now know that's not really it. She has a cousin with...
  19. TanksHill

    Attention Sausage Makers!!!

    Hey all. I was speaking with my Serbian/German neighbor who is in town visiting. He is helping me prune my orchard. It is amazing how people who have such different cultures could be doing the very same things. He is very SS. Anyways he makes and smokes his own sausage and stuff. He said...
  20. TanksHill

    CL add for you folks with fiber.