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  1. Amiga

    Permaculture, Regrarians, etc. 2017

    Hi, all, let's see what develops on this thread. We have some interest, training and experience with Permaculture among members. I included regrarian topics (regenerative agrarian) since it's so closely related to Permaculture. I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton in...
  2. Amiga

    Down on the Duckstead - Amiga's journal

    Starting this out, here. Got the garlic in, finally, a couple of weeks later than my usual late planting time. The weather's been really mild, I think we are okay. I refurbished the garlic beds - dug out the paths between them and placed that nice, organic-matter-rich material on top of the...
  3. Amiga

    Thoughts on Raising Mushrooms

    Greetings, I have enjoyed using a few indoor mushroom kits, and am looking to expand on that. Seems I ought to be able to establish some mushroom growing structures outdoors in the woods. I have seen photo's of inoculated wood, stacked something like a log house. Ideas? Thoughts...
  4. Amiga

    Hello from Southern New England

    Hi, all, Nearly time to head out into the brick and mortar world for some errands, but just joined here, wanted to wave at you all and send a smile. (c: More soon, if all goes well. Actually, let me toss this one out there. I want to make my own bedding for my critters - currently buying...