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    GMO Salmon

    Can I just say, I'm very glad I don't like salmon. Along with the labeling laws being so lax, it will be very difficult to tell where your salmon came from (or what genes it may have added).
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    Pet vaccines

    Does anyone give their dogs their shots themselves? If it's legal in your state anyway. I legally cannot give my dogs their rabies vaccine, but the rest I can. Just curious if anyone does this, what vaccines you give, and where you buy them? :)
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    GM Cattle anyone?

    Gross. I don't eat much beef, but here's more reason to eat local
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    Bee project!

    It's finally the year of the bee! DH kept bees before we were married , and we finally are ready to get back into it. He's decided to do a top bar hive, which he will be building this winter. I just ordered the plans, I'll update this thread as the project progresses! This is where I ordered...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas SS'ers! Hope you all have a lovely holiday:love
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    Insect Apocalypse?

    This is a long but intriguing read
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    Meanwhile in NH...

    Sometimes I hate living up here in the cold. And then sometimes I have moose at the end of my driveway. love these big goofs!
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    I am not a talented gardener. I have never had luck with tomatoes and all I want is some sauce for pasta and pizza! This year I've finally got thriving tomato plants. So. Who has recipes? And what's the best way to keep my tomatoes until I have enough to make a batch?
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    Happy National Pig Day!

    Apparently, today is National Pig Day! I'm celebrating by eating ground pork meatloaf for dinner, lol.
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    NH Homesteader's first kidding season!

    Well, I meant to start this thread before the first babies were born but.... That didn't happen! I'll post the story tomorrow but we have a buckling and a doeling, the first kids born on the farm to Patty! Both are clean, dry, nursing and snuggling with mom!
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    Hey where does everyone buy their cheesemaking supplies /cultures, etc? I'm getting geared up for having milk this year!!
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    A year on the homestead...

    OK @sumi asked if someone would try to keep track of financials on the homestead for a year so we can all see what it costs to take care of all these critters. Since it's nearly the end of the year, I'll start this thread and hope to keep up with it through 2018. I am not raising pigs this...
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    Livestock first aid

    Alright I apologize if this is here somewhere already but.... I'm wondering what everyone keeps around the homestead for livestock first aid. Goats, pigs, chickens... Natural remedies or otherwise. What are the basics you should always have around? (and those of you crazy goat /sheep...
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    My husband's old boss used to rave about the stuff, we always gave it to him when we found it. DH just found a bunch and we want to figure out what to do to make tea. He's read all about the health benefits, etc. (I if course won't be trying it while I'm pregnant because I'm neurotic and I doubt...
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    Deworming pigs

    Okay.... The current debate/question in my household. My husband's pig raiser friends all deworm their pigs before butchering. He's always been told you "have to" do this. I don't particularly see why I would need to add chemicals to my meat when my pigs look perfectly healthy and are gaining...
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    What's in your organic grain?

    I received this story in an email from the APPPA (American Pastured Poultry Producer's Association... That's a mouthful)...
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    Heritage breeds

    This coming week is International Heritage Breeds week. From the email I received from the Livestock Conservancy... "Several factors have contributed to the demise of these rare or “Heritage” breeds, but the leading cause is an increasing reliance on only a few highly specialized breeds in...
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    I am so sick of picking ticks off everyone! I also don't want to use heavy duty chemicals, particularly on my daughter. Does anyone have a natural tick repellent that actually works?? And is safe for young children? Thanks!
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    Feeding goats

    Alright folks, anyone feed their goats a homemade feed mix from whole grains? I'm trying to get away from commercial feeds but am having a tough time finding much information about good mixes. Also, if you do this, how do you ensure that they are getting enough copper? Edit: I do give a free...
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    Here's to the farm dogs

    I had a moment of appreciation for my farm dog Lui today. He isn't a Livestock Guardian Dog, he isn't a herding dog. He's an all around family/farm dog. I couldn't ask for a better friend. He lets my daughter climb all over him, hangs out with the goats, and barks when he sees a stranger nearby...