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  1. hqueen13

    Wrought Iron Range Co enamel wood fire cook stove

    Wrought Iron Range Co Home Comfort Enamel wood fired cook stove model A1 - $1800 This gorgeous enamel wood fired cook stove is in excellent condition and could be used for heat or cooking with some minor repairs. It measures 61 1/2" high x 32" deep, and is 56" wide including the water box and...
  2. hqueen13

    Tricks to the wood stove

    I figured this was the best place to put this... We have a wood stove with our new house, and so I figured since a wood stove is a little different than a regular fire place, I thought I'd check in with some folks that burn in a wood stove and see if there are any tricks of the trade that will...
  3. hqueen13

    Dead Chicken and other issues...

    Yesterday morning I went into the coop to let the girls out and found a dead chicken. I've only had these birds since November, they were not supposed to be that old, maybe a year, and a friend picked them up from a lady who was part of a co-op but was downsizing for the winter. Their beaks were...
  4. hqueen13

    Companion planting Beans and Okra?

    I love the Kentucky Wonder green beans, they hold up so well for canning, but they are challenging to grow because of the vining issue. I also have Clemson Spineless Okra that I love. They grow easily to 6' or more, and have stalks that are several inches across at the bottom. Does anyone know...
  5. hqueen13

    black walnut processing

    There are some great YouTube videos that I've watched on the process of shelling black wants. I have a question though. firstly, the basic steps they list are: Hulling washing drying (2-4 weeks) Shelling sorting/cleaning I am curious if there is some reason that they must be dried in the...
  6. hqueen13

    Black Walnuts!

    I've got a bumper crop of black walnuts this year. If anyone is interested in getting any, let me know. I'm open to trades or other options. Any suggestions with what I can do with the rest would be appreciated!
  7. hqueen13

    separating milk and cream?

    I'm getting raw milk and the farmer doesn't separate the milk and cream, which makes me happy. However I want to make butter, so I'm wondering the best way to separate the milk from the cream with the least amount of effort. My only thought was to pour it into a pitcher and let it sit until it...
  8. hqueen13

    Remedies for ILT in a chicken flock

    So the farmer I work for has about 400-500 chickens, the majority of them are laying hens. He just got a new batch of hens in, and they have managed to contract ILT, the MS and MG strains. I am not completely sure what that means, but they are not doing well. It is mostly a respiratory thing...
  9. hqueen13

    Wanted: Rose Hips

    Willing to buy or trade for chemical free rose hips. Wild or garden variety are fine, though wild are preferred. I'll take just about all that you have! I need a good source of vitamin C! Thanks :-)
  10. hqueen13

    wall pot rack

    Alright, I need some creative ideas! This project has as much to do with aesthetics as function. I have very little storage space in my kitchen. I need more functional space! I'm thinking about making a pot rack to go on the wall. The phone is of the space that I have to work with. A few...
  11. hqueen13

    Mother Earth News Fair Asheville

    Anybody going?? I'd love to meet up, of course that's assuming I can slow down long enough! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see everything!!
  12. hqueen13

    tractor alternator

    Need to find a replacement alternator for a 1967 Ford 3000 tractor and am not having much luck. Help!
  13. hqueen13

    Growing Herbs to Dry and Sell

    Looking for more options to diversify and make money in conjunction with the organic farm I work at and I thought about growing herbs to dry and sell them. S doesn't really care if I do it, and I'll have his guidance growing, so my real question is how feasible would this be? My thought...
  14. hqueen13

    Azalea Help

    I need a bit of help with my azaleas... They don't seem to be doing quite as well as I'd like, and I'm not super familiar with what to do for them. They are growing in pretty dense shade, and these are a dark pink variety. I've been giving them coffee grounds tossed on top of the leaves which...
  15. hqueen13

    Looking for contacts in Southern WVA and Southwest VA

    The time to move out of MD is fast approaching, so I'm starting to put out feelers and do research on what's out there, and make contacts so that I've got some resources. Looking for people in the southern west virginia area as well as southwestern Virginia area. Anybody out there????
  16. hqueen13

    Avocado from Seed!

    Going to have to try this: The question is am I patient enough to wait as long as it is needed to find out if it is going to bear fruit... The second question is can I keep it alive that long?!
  17. hqueen13

    Butter from Soured Cream?

    I had some raw cream that had soured a bit, but I went ahead and made butter with it anyway. I was rather surprised that as soon as it turned to butter, the sour smell went away, and the butter seems to taste fine. Anybody know if it is safe to use?
  18. hqueen13

    Listening to Katrina

    Just found a great blog that is a chronicle of one family's journey through Katrina. This'll keep me busy for a while!
  19. hqueen13

    Overgrown Basil...

    So I planted a basil plant a while back. It did super well (regretfully I never used near what the plant gave me!) and grew all kinds of big. However, somehow, it started to grow almost horizontally.... :-/ I have no idea what happened, or when, but it now leans at a very precarious angle. Can I...
  20. hqueen13

    Immediate Communication?

    So the other half works on the outskirts of the northern side of DC. His commute from the eastern side of Baltimore down there takes 50 minutes in the am, and 90 minutes ++ in the pm. He's at work for 10 hours daily. We were discussing the issue of what to do if there is an issue in the capital...