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  1. Missa4848


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  2. Missa4848


    Hi everyone I'd like to start canning has anyone ever used a digital pressure cooker to can in?has anyone had luck with them?thanks for any input
  3. Missa4848

    Hi new here

    Hi everyone I live in berks county pa we can get all 4 seasons in one day lol I started with chickens and a small garden I'm allowed chickens id like to have turkeys I'd like to learn about canning soap making and better organizing to have a bigger garden next season I have a 10x7 greenhouse the...
  4. Missa4848

    Newbie from pa

    Hi everyone I live in Berks county pa I have about a quarter acre to work with so far I have chickens and it's been a blast with them I have a black sex link 5 Asian backs 2 California whites and 10 Easter Egger's so far I'd like to learn better ways to grow my veggies so far it's just a small...