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  1. fancy

    Mysterious lurkers on the SS forum

    I have been discovered...lurking. Got to admit when I first joined I felt like I was a thread killer too! My very first post ever, on this site, was met with unkindness, so I learned really quick to keep a low profile and, well...LURK. I have been amused, educated, and entertained!
  2. fancy

    Anyone in Florida?

    I'm here in sunny south Florida! Gardening here is tough...had many successful gardens in other places. NOT here however! The best I can do is grow herbs in pot, and we have been doing well with our chickens. We have a Loquat tree that produces enough fruit to feed the wild birds, and I can...
  3. fancy

    Does anyone live near pine cones?

    Way too many pine cones here! I could send you a truckload at least. LOL Fancy
  4. fancy

    Cheapest way to raise meat to eat

    Really love hearing good things about Royal Palms. Trying to talk DH into expanding into Turkeys next year and they were on the list of interesting breeds, since they were developed in my area. You must be a dynamo to accomplish all you have done, way to go!! Fancy
  5. fancy

    Yogurt Maker

    Tortoise, your inbox is full. Package received, all intact, yes you DO have mad box making skills. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Fancy
  6. fancy

    Who does once a month cooking?

    This sounds like an awesome idea, since there are at least 3 nights per week when after working all day, I just can't seem to get an acceptable dinner together. Why have I never thought of this before? I freeze some prepared food but not much beyond soup or stock. I really need help, thanks...
  7. fancy

    Canning your own dog food - Need recipes

    We used to give our 5 big dogs an egg apiece, just for the entertainment value. They all had a slightly different approach to eating it. Fancy
  8. fancy

    What ya got left for Christmas?

    Oh my... the memories that came flooding back. When I was a kid (late 50's, early 60's) we had a cardboard fireplace. Last year I was able to make it home for Christmas (first time in 18 years), we sat around looking at old Christmas pictures and there were plenty that were in front of that...
  9. fancy

    Canning help.

    I found a book titled "Putting Foods By", it touches on many methods of food preservation. I have found it very helpful. Fancy
  10. fancy

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    Today is more star fruit and grapes. Finally realized what to do with all the grapes DH buys ( usually 1/2 of them are rotten before I chuck them out). DUH, I am so slow about all things SS. Fancy
  11. fancy

    Savingdogs-Saving the chickens

    My DH and I moved to the country 5 years ago when I turned 50. We have a lot in common, I'm the same way with my chickens. But really just getting started so don't have the problem yet of what to do with the "Golden Girls". I've been lurking around and reading a lot, Peach is one of 2 rescues...
  12. fancy

    Savingdogs-Saving the chickens

    Just need to add a comment here. I love your tag line, I really, do but my Bulldog's name is Peaches!!!!!!!! LOL
  13. fancy

    Winter preparations?

    Emerald I always leave my cobwebs til after Halloween, They're my seasonal decorations!
  14. fancy

    post-apocalyptic story ideas needed

    Gosh, I hope she has horses on her family farm. In all of my post apocolyptic dreams we use the horses for transportation to get out of southern florida. In the dreams we always rip the engine out of my husbands truck and we load the back with all our animals and stuff. Oh yeah, we take...
  15. fancy

    Chicken Feed

    I'm so glad to be learning that it's ok to NOT feed a commercial diet. Every bag of feed I have gotten since I started keeping chickens has had bugs in it. Now I do know that chickens like bugs, but I don't like them in my house! It's too hot most of the year to keep feed outside so we keep...
  16. fancy

    What did you cook from scratch today?

    Lasagna, sauce from scratch too!
  17. fancy

    SHTF - Information?

    Wow, never thought about it that way but "S" could be something as personal as an illness or the loss of a job. I was always thinking it was more of a wide spread type of "S". My eyes are becoming more open every day from reading this forum!
  18. fancy

    Our first frost of the Fall

    Low to mid 70's tonight here in FL. I MISS HAVING FOUR SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I' m soooooooo jealous!
  19. fancy

    Baby pigs $40?

    Went to see hogs...absolutely disgusting. Do they have to be that smelly? No, really, if they have more room do they stink less? The flies!!!!!!!!! I use fly predators at my house so I guess I'm spoiled but there is no way I can live with that. I don't think they look all that...
  20. fancy

    Baby pigs $40?

    Oh Free, you are so inspiring! What do you think about electric fencing?