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    Keeping Lettuce

    I hear about people freezing it--especially romaine. Personally, I'd just gorge on it while it's fresh, be sure to replant for fall and freeze the heartier greens like chard, spinach, kale.
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    Mint?? or Weed?? HELP!!!!

    It's catnip. Some people use it in tea. I don't personally care for it too much, unless it's the lemon variety.
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    Heard of using bentonite in seedling-start mixes?

    My guess is they're using it to retain water, and trying to avoid peat...
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    Are they in the greenhouse or ground? If greenhouse, possible over or under watering. If in the ground, the same, plus possible bug pressure or disease.
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    Make your own tea!

    Mint. Strip the leaves off the stems and dehydrate in dehydrator, bag for winter use.
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    What are you trying that is new to you this year in the garden?

    A few new types of choi and Napa cabbage, plus Tokya Bekana
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    What pills have you quit taking, looking for alternatives?

    Awesome! I need to try this! I have my own choc. mint and might try some elderberries (dried) and an 8-herb tea blend I bought.
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    Does anyone here have or know about MS

    I just watched a documentary Under Our Skin in which MS is linked with Lyme disease. I'm so sorry for those of you who have suffered with MS!
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    Electric Bill

    We have a clothes line in our basement. It runs in a square over across the wood stove, back to one wall, across the back of the room and back up to the wood stove. Does an excellent job all winter and adds wanted moisture to our winter air. I love it since I have plenty of time in winter to be...
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    How fat is obese?

    I think it goes both ways. There is no money to be made by the pharmaceuticals IF people take care of themselves. I see a ton of advertising. New regulations are now in place to sever some of the ties between doctors and pharmaceutical because they were all in bed together. It was pretty slimy...
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    Stop bed wetting

    Dairy could be another common food to try going without.
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    Stop bed wetting

    The cover is felt/fuzzy, but the lining is plastic, so that it doesn't soak into the bedding below it. You could cover it with whatever he would be comfortable having next to his skin.
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    How fat is obese?

    There is SO much money in pharmaceuticals. And non-water drinks (or bottled water). And junk food. You take about 2 cents of corn and turn it into a $3 bag of chips or $4 box of cereal. Same with soy. Our food system is an absolute monstrosity, and since spending more time with other people...
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    How fat is obese?

    In my birth family, if there's something the body can't handle (gluten for my mom, acid foods for my dad), they strictly and faithfull avoid them. Meds are NOT the first answer in my family, so it is amazing to me how much it is for other people. When we went to Mexico, we asked DH's family if...
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    How fat is obese?

    No kidding!! When I hear adults say, "All my child will eat is ______________ (insert complete junk)" I want to ask them WHO is the adult in the house? WHO is buying this food, preparing it, setting it out? There came a point in our lives when we got rid of ALL the junk so that if the kids...
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    How fat is obese?

    I heard a great NPR program today about feeding infants. The doctor on the show thought that perhaps some of the eating problems today started with highly processed infant cereals, then continued with highly processed toddler foods. He suggested starting kids on whole adult foods, just finely...
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    How fat is obese?

    Our kids have missed plenty of meals. If they said "gross, disgusting" or anything else rude, they were invited to leave the table. If they refused to eat, there was nothing else available (no snacks!) until the next meal, and often meal #1 was then served for meal #2. Plenty of uncomfortable...
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    How fat is obese?

    It is heartbreaking. I hate fighting over food, but my son has put on some weight since starting school 8 years ago, and I do have to fight him a bit on taking seconds. And make him be active. I try to be as encouraging and fun about it as possible, but sometimes I just have to be more direct...
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    What did you do to save $ today?

    Our chickens have been outside a few weeks also. Doesn't look like there's grass, but the yolks are darker yellow and DH says the feed consumption has gone down significantly. Yay!