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    No Till Gardening

    I am no-till by upbringing and personal history; however, living now on land with an inexhaustible population of deep-brittle-rooted perennial weeds (especially canada thistle and perennial sow thistle, but also twitchgrass and various others) I have learned the limits of no-till-and-mulch...
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    Dairy Sheep

    I can only speak for my own sheep (two dairybred [British Milksheep X Dorset] and three shetlands, plus their four lambs at present) but I would TOTALLY NOT count on them to "only" eat grass and not "my trees, bushes, vines, etc". They have killed a lilac and a clematis vine and a number of...
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    Can I fix 'rubber' jelly?

    Only up to a point. If you heat it too hot or too long it starts to disassemble the pectin and you lose it. So it is important to cook the jam only as long as necessary and not longer. (Although in this circumstance, I suppose if you started to 'kill' the pectin by overcooking it would still be...
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    Pancake syrup?!? What's on your pancakes?

    LOL, people can be funny :) I probably MOST prefer lots and lots of butter with rather too much cinnamon-sugar sprinkled into it. But mostly what we use on our pancakes in this house is less-successful jams/jellies. I also really like apple butter (or other fruit butters) on pancakes but nobody...
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    What do I do with chicken fat?

    Does he like the crispy skin off roast chicken? Cuz that's the same thing. Only it's fried in its fat in an upright position atop the chicken, as opposed to in a flat position in a frypan. Otherwise, same-same :) Pat
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    What do I do with chicken fat?

    Also, for chicken skin, if you slice it into narrow slivers and use it to top a casserole, it comes out like a chicken-flavored version of those scary fried onion rings in the cardboard can that all true 1960s-origin casseroles are topped with. Very tasty, and of course much better for you, not...
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    Kids or No Kids? How did you know?

    Also, they stain somethin' awful :D Pat
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    Kids or No Kids? How did you know?

    100% agree!! These numbers you read in the mainstream media about "how much it costs to raise a child" are just ridiculous and bear no relationship whatsoever to my life. Unlike you, though, QA, our biggest kid expense IS in fact food -- and that is the one thing I was totally unprepared for...
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    What do I do with chicken fat?

    I just cook with it till it's gone :P It is obviously not what you'd want for making a vinaigrette salad dressing or something like that, but pretty much anything you want COOKING fat/oil for, it works fine. Pat
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    Kids or No Kids? How did you know?

    I sure don't think so. To me, the "prime directive" (morally), to the extent there is one, is to be a good person leading a good life benefiting others and benefiting the world in general that you live in. Some people may do this by having kids that they raise up as good members of the next...
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    Kids or No Kids? How did you know?

    I don't know as there's "knowing", as in "...and being definitely correct, in retrospect". IMO it's like any other decision in life, sometimes you're right and sometimes not. The key is to cope acceptably-gracefully with turning out to have been wrong :P For whatever it's worth, I never wanted...
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    Bottling your own fruit

    My point is mainly just that raw-pack canned fruit WILL NOT give you botulism, as typical fruits are too acid to permit clostridial growth. The only "risk" is one of losing jars, to fermentation or mold. You will know whether there is spoilage, with canned fruits. As long as one proceeds...
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    Bottling your own fruit

    What the o.p. is describing is traditional methods that 'mostly' work fine, particularly when performed by people who've been taught by other lifetime-experienced people and so forth. What most other posters are describing is the modern USDA food science type approach, which is aimed at getting...
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    Who reads what we write?

    I would bet that even if this forum were limited to ONLY those who post frequently, there'd probably be at least 5-10x as many views as posts, for a given page. As noted above, if you post and stick with it thru the redirect page back to see your post "in print", that's two views right there...
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    Horse experts: difference b/t D-ring and egg butt snaffle please...

    Frankly I think there is a tremendous amount of b.s. floating around out there about bits. First there is the problem that there are fairly-legitimately two different sets of terminology -- using "snaffle" to mean "anything with direct mouthpiece pressure without leverage", and using snaffle...
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    Corraling Clothespins

    If you have your lines set up on pulleys you don't need anywhere MOBILE to keep the clothespins, you can just chuck them in a bucket (with a few drainage holes drilled at the bottom) hanging on one of the posts. THen you can stand in one place to hang and take in your laundry. Pat
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    sewing machine question

    I *think* the bigger numbers are harder pressure, but am not 100% sure just from memory. Try it and see, it should be pretty obvious, probably even to just pokin' it with a finger as opposed to actually trying to run a scrap of fabric thru it. Usually you'd use lighter pressure with thicker...
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    sewing machine question

    On my machine, and I would bet anything it's the same on yours, that's the adjustment for presser foot pressure. Pat
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    Q about canning beans in a recipe

    I would not think twice about it myself. They're structurally the same, and same-size-or-smaller. And it's pickles. Go for it, IMO :) Good luck, have fun, Pat, who far prefers lima beans to kidney beans LOL
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    Fall Gardening/Cold Storage/Corn Storage

    All I know about the onion thing is that you need to choose your variety carefully b/c some will not bulb up after midsummer. For the storage issues: Corn is usually best stored in something permeable to air, so that moisture doesn't cause mold/rot/etc. It is hard to get corn on the cob...