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    It has begun....

    Looks like you are off to a good start with the garden. Thanks for sharing the pictures - helps me daydream of our garden as I sit in the freezing cold temps with snow on the ground and snow in the forecast for tonight. Lucky you!
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    HennyPenny's random thoughts. New set of goals!

    Good to know that the Pledge sweeper works. Crazy how they make so many things disposable. I'm not sure if this would work for this sweeper, but I've read that fleece and old terry cloth towels work well for the Swiffer replacement cloths. Oh, and those very old-fashioned things - cloth...
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    So we found out we have a ntural spring about 30 ft from the house...

    Good for you! This is so neat. I'll be watching for updates on how you handle it. It's a very interesting topic and something that might come in handy one day.
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    prairiegirl...ramblings from our little farm

    It's been a busy week. I had my youngest grandson (he's 3) the first 3 days. He keeps me busy. We went shopping with my Mom Wednesday. She's having back problems and that was a chore helping her, pushing the stroller and cart. She treated us to lunch and we did have a nice visit. We still...
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    prairiegirl...ramblings from our little farm

    That's what we always shoot for - to get ours free and hopefully a little extra. We are fortunate to have found a good source for bottle calves. We got 3 last Christmas (2008) and then bought 4 more from the farmer in September (2009). We've been happy with them. We did lose one right before...
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    Yard sale score!!!

    Wonderful! It just shows that it never hurts to ask. We've been blessed with many free jars over the years. We've even purchased some (dozens) at auctions for very little money. On the local Craig's list, they list them for almost what you would pay for new.
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    Quail_Antwerp: Words from the Barnyard...

    Wow! 2010 sure has been good for you. Spring is so very exciting on a farm. You sure are going to be busy.:) The only thing we've decided on is more Black Astrolorps (I know I spelled that wrong). I'm sure my DH will come up with much more. When we got our muscovies we were told they lay...
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    JUSTUSNAK...Summer coming to an end!?

    Kaylen sounds like a little fighter. You will all be in my prayers. I've been troubled with headaches, too. We've had a terrible time finding replacement filters for our humidifers. As much as I dislike doing it, we may have to buy a new one. Glad you found relief and feel better.
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    Quail_Antwerp: Words from the Barnyard...

    I'm excited for all of you. Somedays I miss that part of my life, but we are on to new experiences with our children now that they are grown. Sounds like you have some awesome kids. Have fun with the new school routine. You have muscovies - can I ask you a question? We got our trio last May...
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    Quail_Antwerp: Words from the Barnyard...

    I found that my nesting boxes worked GREAT! the straw is still clean, not poopy, and I already got 2 eggs this morning!!!!! from two different nests!! I plan on reading this to my our darling chickens when I go out this afternoon. It's been there mission to make the coop a poppy mess each day...
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    prairiegirl...ramblings from our little farm

    hwillm1977, with two of you working that distance, I'm sure your weekly gas budget is way out there. Thankfully, I'm at home. I encourage you to give quilting a try. Start with something small. Maybe a table mat or table runner. I really enjoy the handquilting at night while my DH watches...
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    prairiegirl...ramblings from our little farm

    I'm glad the weekend is over. I'm ready for a new week as I spent the last 2 days in bed with a stomach virus. Glad that's over. It's just one of the many "bugs" going around here. Our oldest DD and my DH are finally on the mend from the pneumonia. I ran a couple of errands in town early...
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    Val's SS journal- Fair food! Yea!

    Welcome, Valmom. Seven whole days to do whatever you want! I can only dream of that and I'd be happy with one day. You enjoy every minute. Vermont sounds so inviting. Very different from our area of Indiana. Being as SS as we can, we find ourselves very much in the minority. But, then...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    The Christain Cafe sounds like a wonderful ministry. I'm sure there are many served in more ways than one these days. Our church doesn't offer that, but once a week the pantry is open to those that need it.
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    Inspired by Farmer Chick...What is your "to do" list today?

    We've used milk crates for this purpose - worked good.
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    Canning Question

    I've personally never had that happen nor heard of it before. Even if the jar is sealed once cooled, I would store it in the frig and use it first.
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    PamsPride's Journal-Free Kindle Downloads!

    Thanks for sharing those links. Some neat things to make. My only problem is that by the time my DH's t-shirts are ready for recycling, there's nothing left to them - tears, so thin you can see through them, frayed neck. Yep, he gets his moneys worth out of clothes.:) I read a bit of your...
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    What's for supper???

    I've had to make a change in our menu plan for today. I just wasn't feeling myself this morning and didn't get the beans cooking. My Dh will be late so we'll have either grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese quisadiallas (sorry for the bad spelling).
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    JUSTUSNAK...Summer coming to an end!?

    What a precious baby! Cute name, too.
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    FarmerDenise's journal - full on harvest time = busy, busy, busy

    Oh, how very cute! Fluffy baby chicks shout Springtime - which doesnt' look near for us here in the snow and cold. That's a real good hatch.