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    Hello Everyone! (Newbie)

    Welcome glad to have ya!! enjoy, theres lots to learn and plenty of interesting folks to network with. sounds like you are on the right road to a great SS life.
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    Kinder Goats

    I have been doing alot of research on Kinder goats, they originated here in WA state. I'am in touch with several breeder and will be picking up my first set of does on Sunday!! I'am so excited, a have 1 unregistered doe already and also 2 unregistered mini mixed does.I just love these little...
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    OMG, I can't believe that those kind of places are legal to operate-to me it is just leagl loan sharking. Killing him is not the answer(how could he help pay it off if he is dead), But some serious talking about being open and having communication in your relationship is in order!! Is the car...
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    sprouting grains?

    Thats what I have been doing Betta, with no success yet. Is there a reason the regular ol feed corn won't sprout?
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    starting over - a little background

    :welcome great job on the master list, I have never had the time to do it, Thats not true, I have the time, just not the "want to". Enjoy the forum.
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    sprouting grains?

    So glad to see this thread today. I have read other threads on sprouting grains, so when I mistakenly pick up a bag of whole corn not cracked corn at the feed store last week,I decided to try sprouting it I have been trying to do the bucket method with no success. Can someone please walk me...
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    Western Oregonians, are you all above water?

    Theo- hope everything is good at the farm. This is a nasty weather front we got going here is the NW. Can't believe Seattle got snow like it did.:barnie We got over a ft of snow-"winter wonderland" my A$$. Who ever coined that sayings never lived on a farm or had to drive 20 miles one way...
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    Hey all

    Welcome, tell us abit about yourself. Great info here, and lots of laughs-have fun!
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    What did you do to MAKE money today?

    I live in the Yakima valley, which is in central WA None of the stores around here will let me have any scrapes,I have tried. I do grow extra for the chickens, like summer squash and freeze it,also winter squash, in fact I got a pot of squash and apples with a little rice added cooking for...
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    What did you do to MAKE money today?

    Keenecowboy- not anal at all,thanks for doing the math for me. So Iam not making a fortune, but Iam not going in the There are times when it cost me less to raise a dz eggs, like when I cook for them (veggies out of our garden) and when the weather is nice and they can free range...
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    Am I Practical or Mean?

    I agree with you Baymule. On our little farm all the animals have a job, which pays thier way, if and when they can no longer pay for thier way, then they have to go. So if an animal has an injury we have to weigh the cost of vet treatments vs the value of what the animal will give to us. So...
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    What did you do to MAKE money today?

    I haven't kept that close of a track of the price of feed vs what I make. I pay 13.00 for 50lbs of layercrumbles,no place around here to get it cheaper. I off set that price by feeding scrapes and stuff out of garden.I freeze veggies afor the hens so I have stuff year around and raise squash...
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    What did you do to MAKE money today?

    Seem as if alot of us sell eggs. I usually sell anywhere from 6dz or more a week. I have a friend who lives in an retirement apt complex in town and she can sell as may as I can get to her. I only charge 2$ a dz its a good deal for the poeple and off sets my feed bill. So this morning I'am...
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    A question regarding canned meat

    I don't or should I say haven't yet canned meat. But after reading all of your post about it-Iam so on board!:clap Why haven't I been doing this?:th So this coming weekend my house will be busy canning beef! I would rather find storage space and be able to cut down to 3 freezers and save...
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    Hello from Arizona!

    :welcome I think your gonna fit right in, so keep posting!
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    A new member from Connecticut

    :welcome Hey Lisa, Welcome and enjoy. I'am sure you will find some great info on here, and even if it's not all pertaining to your liveing situatuion, we are all a great group and fun. So stick around and tell us about you and how you have overcome the curves life had thrown you. We'll learn...
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    New Family in Upstate NY .... Otsego county

    :welcome soounds like you will fit right in, lots of great people and info here. So chime in!
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    "new" here

    Well I'am a looong way from ya,but here's a big WELCOME from WA state. Good to have ya.
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    Howdy from a newbie!

    :welcome Lots to learn here, so join in!