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    Cover crops and permanent rows~anyone doing them?

    Very nice. I need to get some of this white dutch clover since I'm getting bees early this spring. I have a nice big bee garden right now full of perennial bee loving flowers. However I can increase their food by using this method between my veggie rows. Thanks!
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    Ideas for adding a few hundred $ in your pocket.

    Rules are pretty strict here re: selling home prepared food items in general. I do get my rabbit from the ranch where my daughter takes horseback riding lessons. It is only "word of mouth" marketing though. Lots of people sell eggs here however I don't think they are really supposed to.
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    Cover crops and permanent rows~anyone doing them?

    They are beautiful! I was wondering the same thing, are they raised up or is that an optical illusion?
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    Ideas for adding a few hundred $ in your pocket.

    WBF, where do you get the scrap? I have a little booth that I rented and even though I sell handmade aprons, laundry soap and soap, people have been snatching up my other things like old clothes, saddles, house plants and even my daughter's used flute first.
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    Hello from Boogity

    Prayers and well wishes from me too! Please keep us updated!
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    Any experience with LED Lanterns (long-lasting room light)?

    Well, we have used them indoors (lots of windy power outages here) and I still don't really like them. The light is blueish and not very bright, even though it has low med and high settings. I did like our large "spot light" led flash light though. The one we had (daughter lost it at a camp...
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    Cannning JARS?????

    I store lots of food in canning jars in the freezer. They should be just fine. (Note if you store liquids in them make sure you have at least 2 inches of head room or they will break.) :)
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    Any experience with LED Lanterns (long-lasting room light)?

    I have two of them. (One is battery operated one is hand crank operated). I do not like either one of them b/c they aren't very bright. It makes night time chores very difficult and even dangerous out here in the dark forest. (It gets almost pitch black by 5:00-30 up here this time of year.)
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    Horse Slaugher Now Legal for Human Consumption

    I am also ok with it as long as it is done humanely...which it wasn't in the past. I was one of the protesters that got it outlawed in TX. I saw first hand horses loaded like cattle and sitting in traffic (Houston) in scorching heat. I also know the way they were killed was traumatic for...
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    Garden deer protection

    Bee, my friend from S. Africa says that was how they kept the rhinos(!) out of their gardens. Except I think it was lower to the ground.
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    Greener Pastures...

    :) Good words, all of them.
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    Snow days are perfect days to.....

    ...not do any more yard work!! Start a fire, hang your wreaths and ribbons and take a nice long break! Bring on the snow baby! eta: fire, can't forget the fire!
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    Honey sold in stores is NOT honey

    This is you bee guy?
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    Organizing Canning Lids/Caps/Rings

    I organize mine in large ziplock baggies.
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    How to save money on your Holiday package shipping

    Thanks so much! I've been trying to figure out the cheapest ways to ship my handmade gifts and soaps for a while. :)
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    Sufficient Self Forum - Let's have a heart-to-heart

    About one year ago my daughter suffered a trauma in the ER--died and came back to life 10 minutes was horrible. Almost every single member of this site-- who was a member on or before Sept. 3, 2010 sent her a gift or a card. I can still tell you who sent what and how it touched us...
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    JAM, homemade in 30 minutes!!

    Have you actually made these recipes?
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    Wannabefree...guess what I got in the mail today!?!?!?!?

    Judge Judy says you can tell a teenager is lying when their mouth moves. :P Think of how much you are going to LOVE life after she turns 18, then you can thank her. :P
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    Where did everyone go?

    It is rather difficult hearing my friends being called "culls" too. I can tell you those culls taught me everything I know about achieving my level of self sufficiency. I also know leaving was a difficult decision for them and it feels like they are being kicked when they are down. Low class.