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    Deoderant is inherently evil.

    I like the rock crystal, too - have used it for years. It takes a little getting used to, I think because you sweat more when you use coventional deoderants - or something, because after a week or so you dont sweat as much and you don't miss the antiperspirant part of the deoderants that you do...
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    scaly leg mites

    you know Beekissed, I have heard of nustock but never seen it . I will do a websearch. I'ld be up for anythign that would work. I don't like giving the ivermectin, but last time it was bad, that was the only thing that worked. and Farmer Denise, thanks for the idea of the wood ash...
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    scaly leg mites

    in the last couple of weeks someone mentioned their remedy for scaly leg mites - now I can't find it. I've had this problem with chickens for a couple of years ever since I brought some hens into my flock from an outside source - thought I had it licked but it showed up again. I have treated...
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    Need help/suggestions organizing late Grandmother's recipe collection

    wow what a gold mine! I think I would start with scanning the recipes in - that would solve the problem of the different size papers/recipes, etc - saving each scanned doc with the title of the recipe, if there is a title, lol can't tell you how many recipes I have from my mom that never say...
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    nettles and eggs / harvesting and cooking nettles

    Thanks, now I am craving nettles! When I moved on to this land 4 years ago, to my great disappointment there were no nettles. None. But, last year I discovered a wonderful patch at my neighbors, next to an abandoned sheep shed, of course. They don't mow or do anything with that part of...
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    Yourbadd's Divergence Journal---Spring Fever!! Yeah Baby!!

    had to laugh at your comment that our president hasn't worked a day in his life....that is probably why he is so grey headed now. anyway, more jobs have been created in the last 18 months than in the previous 8 years, you can look it up! still doesn't help when you are looking for a job and...
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    Hi Gina! never heard of gf giving people headaches. Do you have a detector for carbon monoxide? thats the first thing that came to mind- if everyone has a headache, something isn't right! If you have a gas stove, gas water heater, gas furnace,...please open some windows and get it checked...
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    Do you heat your coop?

    If your coop is draft free, you shouldn't have to have lamps unless you have someone molting - for some reason, I always seem to have a half naked hen when the cold is at its worst. There are some breeds that don't do well in the cold, but most will be fine - if you are worried, stick your...
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    Lorihadams-- hi guys...been busy!

    oh, your mom sounds just like mine! drama/trauma all the time, and you have no right to think differently than she does..... your MIL is right, just ignore it. That is one heck of a day with the kids and all. hang in there, it gets better!
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    so in the last week of April, we're going to the Great Smokey Mountains to stay in a cabin for a few days by Pigeon Forge and Gaitlinburg. Anyone familiar with this area? Recommendations? After our three day stay at the cabin, we're looking for some less touristy, cheaper options. We will...
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    I didn't grow up with gravy, so it has always been a mystery to me. So, this might be obvious to most everyone but me! take the drippings from the baked chicken (this assumes you bake whole chickens or chicken parts with the skins on, NOT chicken breasts) and put them in a frying pan. Add a...
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    short of a glug, that is precise! I've googled, just haven't liked the results - not tasty enough. Will try this and see how it goes... I am hankering for a pulled pork like the one I had at a roadside stand some time ago traveling in kentucky. am heading to tennesse in march...might hit...
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    how much to do you use? I'm thinking crockpot, a couple of inches of water, the pock, a couple of cloves of garlic..... what, a good dollop of vinegar?
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    Farmfresh City Homesteader - the sound of falling oaks.

    your class sounds like a great idea! you could do a combo, sort of a drop in, ask the expert time during the chick day stuff and a set time for people to come - am thinking people coming to pick up chicks are gonna want to run home with those babies! will they let you bring in a coop to show...
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    thanks, Dace, it just got a little crazy with the holidays, aging parents, new girlfriend, and.....all that! Chickens did fine, which I thought they would as they are heavy breeds. I shouldn't really use a heat lamp, it is more for me than them! I've made the pulled pork in the crockpot...
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    Great ruling by Mass. Supreme Court

    I just heard about that last night when friends came over, and wanted to look it up = thanks for posting the link!
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    Black hose solar water heater for shower only works great.

    I lived in a tent on this land for 5 months, and took "showers" from 3 garden hoses stretched out in the sun - the water stayed warm even after the sun went down for a bit - and it was plenty hot. These were just regular green or grey hoses, sometimes the water was hot enough to be...
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    Bubblingbrooks Journey - Salut!

    BB, I love the quilt on your bed! good luck on getting the inlaws to move in! nice to have inlaws you want to spend more time with.
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    up here in lalaland ~ Tennessee here we come!

    lordy lordy, it is hard to cook in your kitchen with another determined cook! unexpected friends for dinner, everyone wanted to pitch in, but put two of us stubborn ones together and oh my! but I did learn how to make a mean chicken gravy. it is -16 below, and last night the electric in the...
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    Dr. said son needs to gain weight....suggestions?

    couldn't help but laugh at your comment, jen-pi, about what could you have him do around there because it is winter. :) household chores? scrubbing the floor? stairs? helping flip the mattresses? wiping down the woodwork? vacuming? scrubbing the tub? a 10 yr old isn't too young to be...