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  1. sufficientforme

    Homemade Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, etc

    I too have been making my almond milk using this method, instead of wringing out the almond meal dry I have been sticking it the freezer in 1/4 cup "balls and have been adding them to smoothies or defrosting and using in recipes for some of the flour. By not drying or dehydrating them completely...
  2. sufficientforme

    I'm bored and looking for new recipes.

    I could not agree more k15n1, I always turn to ethnic recipes when I am bored in the kitchen, shoot I have more spices than some supermarkets :lol: right now I am on the hunt for the perfect ceviche recipe and a copycat version of a Himalayan lentil soup I had a restaurant recently that was out...
  3. sufficientforme

    I'm bored and looking for new recipes.

    My whole family loves porcupine meatballs, I make this recipe because it does not use canned soup as the base and it's cheap to make! 1/2 cup uncooked long grain rice 1/2 cup water 1/3 cup chopped onion I just throw in a tablespoon or so of Penzeys dry toasted onions, they are the only onion my...
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    Pressure canning salsa

    This is hands down our family favorite! We add chipotles but of course the heat is up to your families liking. It can be WB or pressure canned, I used to WB it but prefer using less vinegar so I pressure can it now. This was a tested proven recipe when it was posted ;) I always double the recipe...
  5. sufficientforme

    water and milk Kefir grains

    Cultures for health is an awesome source, I have ordered from them as well as called for advice when I had questions about my grains. I waited almost a year before starting my grains from them and they still flourished. Plus you can sign up to receive emails (which I usually hate getting from...
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    I Got a Free Vita-Mix WHOO-HOO!!!

    Mine is a 5200C, it came with either a ten year warranty or I could have went with the seven year warranty and gotten the wet blade/container for an additional 50.00. Since we have wheat/grain allergies in the family I just extended the warranty which I later regretted LOL.
  7. sufficientforme

    I Got a Free Vita-Mix WHOO-HOO!!!

    I have one but I do not have the "dry" blade that is required to grind, my manual states that the regular blade is not made to finely grind flours or grind coffee beans etc. I would email them directly and find out exactly what you have and see if you are able to do so with what you have and if...
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    price increases again...

    I would still try to see if he would eat it ;) I think I will try this recipe! Kashi Chocolate Coconut Granola Submitted by: S318830 I fell in love with the Kashi Coco Beach granola last year, but no one is carrying it where I live anymore. It was also pretty expensive for a small package, and...
  9. sufficientforme

    Using cloth diapers as feminine hygiene products

    They will work great, I used organic diapers for layers in mine that I sewed. Look up some patterns and use them accordingly.
  10. sufficientforme

    Quitting Commercial Pectin

    I had one in the front yard growing up as well (yep my sister got a few thrown at her head) I think they are probably perfect for pectin making considering I don't know of any other constructive use for them ;) because they were nasty to try to eat! The most common use for your quince will be...
  11. sufficientforme

    Quitting Commercial Pectin

    I have not personally done it, however I do have a recipe I would like to try. My Grandma used to use homemade pectin and I know she did it with crab apples which are supposedly perfect for this use.
  12. sufficientforme

    Totally orgasmic canned peppers

    The plan is for me to throw them down my own throat! They sound fantastic, I am going to try pressure canning them just to be on the safer side and I threw the other method out there for others who may not have a pressure canner. Thanks for sharing.
  13. sufficientforme

    Totally orgasmic canned peppers

    Here is an approved/tested method you could use for general directions for making this pepper recipe, however I would also second that you are doing this at your own risk ;) as far as if this recipe is safe or not since most oil recipes never see the testing for the home canner...
  14. sufficientforme

    Canning and processing question

    X's 2 I would refrigerate them, most modern tomatoes do not have enough acid to be safe on their own, especially adding in the peppers, onions, etc.
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    His Tidy Whites Ain't So White . . .

    Oxy clean used in every day washing will help and for needing to freshen up there are several bluing products on the market. Bluette Concentrated Liquid Laundry Bluing Mrs. Stewart's Bluing Rit Dyes 1 oz. box fabric whitener powder Hope that helps :D you may need to go to a laundry mat or...
  16. sufficientforme

    AmericanHomesteader...Life in the Desert totally Off-Grid!!

    There's a guy out in the Bisbee direction (it may have been Willcox) who sells Midget White turkeys, which in my mind are the perfect homestead bird because they max out on their weight and don't become monster huge. Great layers and brooders. He sells them on CL occasionally for around 10-15.00...
  17. sufficientforme

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I have seen this done on back packing websites, they dry all sorts of food I would have never thought of. Try the library, blogs (there are many who post recipes) or Amazon for books like Trail food by Allen Kesselheim or Lipsmackin' backpackin' by Bill Connors. Hope that helps :)
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    AmericanHomesteader...Life in the Desert totally Off-Grid!!

    I just moved from SE Arizona and the only thing that worked for the coyotes that would kill our chickens was electric fence strands on top and bottom of pen or fence rails. They killed for sport more than once, they would not even eat their kills when we found the free rangers in the morning :he...