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  1. RWDitto

    yay! chickens!!

    Remember, "It is the journey, not the destination".
  2. RWDitto

    Which wood heater ?

    Need suggestions for the best wood heater to heat 1100 sf. house. Would like one with fan and front glass. There are so many on the market, but I would like a suggestion from someone who lives with one.
  3. RWDitto

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from a newcomer myself. Chickens, rabbits, fruit trees, garden, and bee's are all I want in my quest........maybe!
  4. RWDitto

    how many rabbits?

    This article has the answers to your questions.
  5. RWDitto

    Hello from Shelbyville Tn.

    Thanks, frustratedearthmother, I am originally from Texas, I was born in Waco, and grew up in Mesquite.
  6. RWDitto

    how I kill a chicken without equipment, and without slitting throats

    I vote for cones, less muscle stress. But, I think that any way that gets more people involved in processing their own meat, is good.
  7. RWDitto

    Hello from Shelbyville Tn.

    My interests are chickens, small livestock, and living on less. Yes, that is one of the coops that I build. Proudly I can say that I am the "Largest Chicken Coop Builder" in Bedford County.
  8. RWDitto

    Hello from Shelbyville Tn.

    Hello from middle Tn., looking to learn a lot about self sufficiency.