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  1. milkmansdaughter

    Caption Contest Submissions - Pictures Needed

    Interested... Not quite sure how it works. :hu
  2. milkmansdaughter

    posts/likes/editing seem to be going faster now

    THIS morning, I used several emojies in a pm. :weee I was using my phone, but there were NO problems today. I'll check on my computer later today. I'm not sure what changed, but everything was working right and quickly on this site on my phone this morning! Thanks!! :thumbsup
  3. milkmansdaughter

    posts/likes/editing seem to be going faster now

    @flowerbug , no, I click on the emoji picture and the box drops down. I click (once) on the emoji I want. But most of the time, the first time I click on it, it will show up in the wrong place. So I have to get out of the emoji box, return to the message, find where it got inserted, click on the...
  4. milkmansdaughter

    Best ever cranberry sauce

    Thanks for the recipe, @Lazy Gardener . I've got fresh cranberries in the fridge, but didn't get around to using them yet. (I usually use mine in a cran-apple crisp.
  5. milkmansdaughter

    posts/likes/editing seem to be going faster now

    :frowThanks @flowerbug, and I am sorry I don't add that information. My computer IS old, it's an old Dell, but I am mostly computer illiterate, so I am not really sure I know what information is needed. My phone is an android. But, these issues have ONLY shown up, on THIS site (and not other...
  6. milkmansdaughter

    posts/likes/editing seem to be going faster now

    I'm having problems often with the emoji's. I will be writing a message or PM, and try to insert an emoji, and it will show up in the middle of a word or sentence, but very often not where it was intended to be. Has anyone else had this issue, or is it just me? It happens both on my computer...
  7. milkmansdaughter

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    @Nifty, any idea when/if the POW will be active again?
  8. milkmansdaughter

    Got an idea i just cant shake

    @flowerbug I had to go look up "stirrup hoe". I've never used one, or even seen one used. That seems to be exactly what I need around here as I have been trying to reclaim a garden area that has been part of a lawn for several years. I'm told that it was a prolific garden YEARS ago. There was no...
  9. milkmansdaughter

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Great idea, @HomesteaderWife. Very practical, and useful too, and they DO smell great. That's a very nice picture too!
  10. milkmansdaughter

    Best shop ideas

    Thanks for the suggestions!! @CrealCritter , beautiful work as always! I can't change the ceiling height, but will be looking at different light options. Right now it has long flourescent bulbs. I'll definitely watch for more clamps. We've got lots of ratchet straps. This project has been on...
  11. milkmansdaughter

    Egg and meat production in poultry

    I'll be doing the same here in a few weeks. Ive got some meat chickens to cull along with a few that I have to constantly kick out of the nesting boxes at night. And there are two loud panicky chickens and a few that hang around all day waiting to be fed rather than free ranging. These will also...
  12. milkmansdaughter

    pizza sausage and similar

    I know where Houghton is. I spent a lot of time in the UP as a kid. So are you a born Yooper?
  13. milkmansdaughter

    First Snake Tanning

    We've eaten rattlesnake multiple times and my husband has tanned several skins. When he was a kid, he lived in Texas, and used to hunt rattlesnakes and turn them in to the boot makers. It was good money for a Texas kid. Later when he was in the military, he'd catch and skin some and grill them...
  14. milkmansdaughter

    I Am A Seed Hoarder

    Sooooo, @baymule how did you do this year using up all those seeds?? I have lots that never got planted. The spring was waaaaaay too wet, and then it was too hot for a spring garden. So those seeds were kept for a fall garden but it was in the 100 degree range right up into October, then we had...
  15. milkmansdaughter

    junk pole fence

    @paul wheaton look up wattle fence. I think that's what the horizontal weave is called. Here's one tutorial:
  16. milkmansdaughter

    pizza sausage and similar

    When you lived "up north" where was it? Sometimes it helps to know a region. And my husband says if it is a specific sausage in Kansas City, no one has been able to quite duplicate it. He said if it's "the one" from there, he knows just the one you are talking about. :lol: My husband and oldest...
  17. milkmansdaughter

    What do you use for deworming

    I feed mine pumpkins and pumpkin seeds. Mine also free range.