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  1. Denim Deb

    Poisonous Pasture Plant, Beefsteak plant

    This is a video I shot last year of a plant that is invasive and highly toxic. If you have this plant, you want to get rid of it!
  2. Denim Deb

    Callie Helping w/the hay

  3. Denim Deb

    Leaving your hubby

    One day, married Jade who wanted to know how her husband Max would react if she left without telling him where she had gone. Jade decided to write a letter to her husband.She writes, she is tired of him and didn’t want to live with him anymore. After writing the letter, Jade put it on the table...
  4. Denim Deb

    Chocolate Cake

    I don't know about anyone else, but I've found that cakes made w/unsweetened chocolate squares just don't seem to have enough of a chocolate flavor. I found this recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook, but did make a few adaptions since I didn't have butter milk, and they just said to put...
  5. Denim Deb

    Seizures in Chickens

    I have a chicken that's having seizures. I've never seen anything like it. At first I thought it was the water. I noticed that if I didn't give them fresh water, she'd have a seizure. Or, if she drank the water that I dumped she'd have a seizure. So, I try to make sure they always had fresh...
  6. Denim Deb

    What did you plant today?

    Thought this would be a good thread to have for those that are just starting to garden. I figure we can post what zone we're in, and what we planted, transplanted or whatever. I'm in zone 7. I got started over the weekend. This year, I'm trying to plant by the phases of the moon. And, it...
  7. Denim Deb

    Package Delivery Failure Virus

    Someone sent me an e-mail w/this link. I figured it was a timely warning since many of us may be sending packages this Christmas season.
  8. Denim Deb

    Grocery Store Wars

    Found this on another forum. Enjoy.
  9. Denim Deb

    What an adventure!

    I had a major problem w/groundhogs for awhile. I couldn't have a garden because they'd destroy it. Even this year, w/the garden completely fenced in, they were STILL a problem. I finally figured out how they were getting to the garden. At the back of our shed, we have a lean to where we store...
  10. Denim Deb

    My chicks are, well chicken!

    Today I was finally able to move my chicks out of the brooder. They were just getting too big to be in there. And, since having a hen w/4 young chicks at the time that I was planning on moving them out to the farm was not part of my plan, and since I haven't had time to finish making them a...
  11. Denim Deb

    Problem Logging in - White screen when trying to log in.

    Hey Nifty, don't know if it's a problem or what, but when I clicked on my link to get on, all I got was a white screen. I was able to get in thru BYC.
  12. Denim Deb

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Enjoy!
  13. Denim Deb

    Importance of clean water tanks!

    Found this on another forum, and figured I'd post it on here.
  14. Denim Deb

    I just don't get some people!

    OK, maybe someone can explain this to me cuz it sure doesn't make sense to me! At the park where I'm working this summer, there's a playground. It has some type of foam safety padding in the whole thing. Every so once in awhile, they need to close the playground so they can fix it since it...
  15. Denim Deb

    Time to move mama out?

    OK, the nuggets are now 6 1/2 weeks old. For the past few days, the mama hen has been wanting to get out of the pen when I opened the gate to feed. I figured she wanted more room and have been planning to start letting them explore more. Well today, I put some scratch grains down for them...
  16. Denim Deb

    Shigs or peeps?

    Found this on the net. Thought I'd share it w/y'all. :lol:
  17. Denim Deb

    CFL bulbs

    Hubby and I were in Dollar Tree yesterday. They have 14W (comparable to a 60W bulb) 2 for $1.00. They look more like a "normal" bulb. We got a couple to try them out. At first, I didn't think to much of them. I put one in a pole lamp I have and turned it on. It was really dim. But, it...
  18. Denim Deb

    March or May?

    Don't know about the rest of you, but our weather is really crazy! Right now, our weather is more typical of March than May. I rode my motorcycle today and was as bundled up as I am riding in March! The only reasons I don't have a fire going is because I don't have the wood, and am too tired...
  19. Denim Deb

    Prayers for Boston Marathon runners, families, etc.

    For those that may not have heard yet, 2 bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Currently, they're reporting at least 3 dead, and many injured. Plus, according to the reports I read, they found more unexploded bombs.