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    The Diary Of Hardly

    :yuckyuck I can't wait to see the video :pop
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    Aidenbaby's Anti-Suburban Sprawl

    :hugs Sorry your day was so tough, Aidenbaby. :hugs It will get better.
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    The Diary Of Hardly

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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    :lau You all are so funny!
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    Adventures of OkieAnnie's "homestead"

    Lordihams - I have 2 cucumbers growing! I hope they will make it to edible stage. We harvested our carrots because the greens hadn't grown in so long. They did not do as well as I thought. They were all soft and skinny. I think I may have chosen the wrong kind of seeds to plant and maybe...
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    Time for tea! The herbal teas, homegrown and wildcrafted....

    Thank you for the link with the chart. I have been wondering about making my own tea. Thank you Wifezilla for the info on the hibiscus. I love Celestial Seasonings teas. You all are so fantastic! I am right with you BBH . . learning with every thread!
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    :clap What Pioneer said. :clap :hugs You also have my prayers.
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    PamsPride's Journal-Free Kindle Downloads!

    :clap :thumbsup Way to go! and way to go to your mom, too! So fantastic!
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    The Diary Of Hardly

    Red, I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure that Hardly is sad as well, but he has to maintain his standards, even though they are mighty tough to meet! :lau
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    Adventures of OkieAnnie's "homestead"

    I started my day today with personal time out in the back of our property on a bench my hubby made during his week off last week. It was so fantastic. I could hear cows, lambs, all kinds of birds. It was so nice and cool and a small, gentle breeze was blowing through. Such a wonderful and...
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    The Diary Of Hardly

    I don't know how, but I missed this thread. I have read the whole thing now and I am sure that all my co-workers are a wonderin what is going on. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing :lau. . . :gig
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    Farmfresh City Homesteader - the sound of falling oaks.

    I was raised on fast food as well. My poor hubbie laughed so hard when I told him I was grossed out by meat on bones :gig He asked "where do you think it comes from?" Now, my mom brags about how well she cooks, but the only thing I ever remember her making was what I thought was home made...
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    Punkins' world....SUNSHINE, seeds and no more drought!

    I have cucumbers growing in my garden and I am so excited by the recipee, but being that I am very new to all this SS stuff, and have never canned or made cucumbers, can I ask a really silly question?? here it is . .after you slice the cucumbers and pour the water over them you let them stand...
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    Chickens at the State Fair . . ??

    We have 14 chickens (2 roos and 12 hens) and our kids were so excited about showing them at the State Fair in September. I went online to get the rules/regs and registration info and they are not listed! Last year in the agriculture building there were baby chicks and a bunch of chickens and...
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    I love the pics, thanks for sharing. :)
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    Bee~ Journal of then...

    Bee, I just read through page 4 of your "ever feel like giving up" thread. I had not read it until today because I was afraid to . .due to my challenges the past 2 weeks with feeling like giving up on everything! Work, kids, garden, house. I was afraid it would just push me over the top . ...
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    The Iodine Thread

    so, I did not know that soy can throw the thyroid for a loop. 2 of my children drink soy milk due to milk allergies. We have considered getting a goat to milk, but we are not ready for that just yet. I wonder if I can find a local source for goats milk (shouldn't be too hard, it is very rural...
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    How to get rid of ants? ~ Now tons of RED

    Dace we are going through the same thing with ants this year. We put out the corn meal, they go around it! We tried the cloves, but they just find a different path. They are so bad that my hubby is buying chemicals to spray the exterior of the house, I am sure right now. So very frustrating.
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    JUSTUSNAK...Summer coming to an end!?

    I am excited for you! How wonderful to be able to spend time with them. :clap
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    Adventures of OkieAnnie's "homestead"

    yes, Bee, I find that what you notice about it being a plague and growing and making me feel edgy just at the thought of being around them. I love that you are on a mission with your boss. How cool is that? I imagine it must be fairly difficult for you, but how amazing to see God work through...