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  1. Smart Red

    Harvested and dehydrated today

    This is THE time of year. I should be out today looking. Son didn't find many yet earlier this week, but I do have a few dehydrated already.
  2. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    Heard of an "activist" movement on Mother's Day suggesting no one should send flowers to people. "You tear the reproductive part of the plant off and give it to your mother with thanks for. . . what?"
  3. Smart Red

    Top Bar Hive Build.....

    So neat! So envious, Farmer D! Both of the hive and the swarm.
  4. Smart Red

    Is there a formula for led power savings?

    @Colored Egg Farmer, the LED you purchase will have a listing of its usage hours. They will last many, many times longer than an incandescent bulb. However, the usage hours shown is the length of time the LED will operate at a minimum of 50%. As Britesea stated, the LEDs will begin to lose...
  5. Smart Red

    Hello From Florida

    How-Dee! Welcome from south-est, central-est Wisconsin, @Must Bee Kiddin' Farm. Sounds like you have been working hard and have a good start toward your goal of self-sufficiency. Happy to meet you. Jump right in and get your feet wet here on SS. Love that avatar. One of yours? She looks like a...
  6. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    Yup! Much better. I have never had a dream with a goat on my back and all my horse dreams have me riding off into the horizon toward exciting adventure.
  7. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    Can't quite remember the dream I had last night, but I do remember being followed around my car by a hippopotamus. I kept remember hearing that more people in Africa are killed by hippos than by carnivorous predators each year. Thank's @sumi! I'm sure this is just what I need for a more restful...
  8. Smart Red

    Battery bank ???

    @Roddy, welcome to SS! So pleased to make your acquaintance! It sounds as if you are very knowledgable about this topic. Thank you for bringing it up again. As time passes, more and more of our members are researching solar options for getting "off the grid". Revisiting old topics puts the...
  9. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    @sumi, I love that one.
  10. Smart Red

    anyone in Spain or the UK ?

    Welcome to SS from south-est, central-est Wisconsin. Always happy to meet new folks, especially from different parts of the world. Glad to have you with us on the journey to self-sufficiency.
  11. Smart Red


    Big grin at that tale.
  12. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    Is that supposed to keep the weight of the train off the pipe? Or run the train off the rails? Or both? My actual guess would be neither. That would have to be some strong stuff to be "more powerful than a locomotive".
  13. Smart Red

    Circular-saw blade rack - a little repurposing

    Neat idea, @Joel_BC! That is so much better than laying them in piles or stacking blades over nails on the wall.
  14. Smart Red


    Pictures? That sounds like a winning project!
  15. Smart Red

    Laugh(s) for the day

    As long as the whip isn't for use on the driver. . .
  16. Smart Red

    New here trying to stay warm in northern illinois today!

    Welcome to SS, @mothergoose! It's good to see you here. How far north? I'm living in south-est, central-est Wisconsin. Oh, yes, an hour south of Chicago -- is that still in northern Illinois? Sure sounds like you're one busy farm-type. Good for you! Cold, colder, coldest here! So far, so good...
  17. Smart Red

    From 40 roaches to 40,000 - How Insects Invaded our Home

    I couldn't do it in the house. I would have to find a place far and away from my house, but raising feed for my livestock is not an unthinkable prospect. These babies are not exactly my idea of pill bugs either. Those I will encourage with living conditions under pieces of damp bark and turn...
  18. Smart Red

    Raising Dubia Roaches for Poultry Feed

    Interesting read! Welcome to the sufficientSelf gang!
  19. Smart Red

    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    Welcome to Wisconsin, @wyoDreamer! We are south-est, central-est Wisconsin of Rock County, on 30 acres. One of my biggest problems with on line sites is my zone envy. I suspect there's none where you live -- you must be solid a zone 4, to my borderline zone 5. I get to experiment a bit more...
  20. Smart Red

    my rabbit is sick

    I am happy for you and Smokey. While I can't help much with rabbit illness, I was worried for you both.