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  1. so lucky

    help coloring my hair

    Isn't it interesting that people react to you differently if you have something a little odd going on? Like it gives them permission to talk to you and be friendly. Too bad we feel like we need permission to be friendly to each other!
  2. so lucky

    help coloring my hair

    I finally quit dying my hair after about 20 years. It was to cover the grey for about the last 10 years. The color always faded out to a lighter brown, and looked much better after a fresh touch-up. I finally got fed up with using the chemicals on my hair. Now it's pretty much salt and pepper...
  3. so lucky

    Do YOU need to go gluten free?

    Having been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 18 years ago, I think there are some foods that trigger flares, and make my life miserable in other ways as well. I just haven't been able to pinpoint what foods that would be. Recently I have been reading about a modification of the GAPS...
  4. so lucky

    Hello from France

    That's what I was wondering, too. I bet your old farm is picturesque and lovely. Run-down or not, there's something about old farm buildings and hedgerows that make me want to ooze into the scenery and absorb the feel of the place. :love Anyway, there is lots of good stuff to learn here, and...
  5. so lucky

    Got your sweet potato slips started?

    One of the two sweet potatoes I planted in potting mix is growing pretty well. It has several sprouts growing from it. I planted the taters half way buried in a clear plastic container (that held organic spinach from the grocery) Now should I break off the individual vines and put them in water...
  6. so lucky

    Got your sweet potato slips started?

    My window sills are non-existent, but I could put it on a table in front of a window that doesn't get direct sun. I think I will try some in soil, too.
  7. so lucky

    Quinoa anyone?

    Just wondering how you would wash the grain. any ideas?
  8. so lucky

    Got your sweet potato slips started?

    About how long does it take for you to see any growth when you use potting soil? I am not having any luck putting the potato in water, Just a few roots, no shoots. It is an organic potato, too, and I have it on top of the fridge.
  9. so lucky

    What to Do With Fabric

    Bee, I've got an old flannel shirt of my dad's, who passed away nearly 3 years ago. I have worn it way too much, and it is getting pretty threadbare, but it's the first shirt I grab when I need a little more warmth. I think of him every time I look at it.
  10. so lucky

    Another Urinary Tract Infection Cure

    Hey, that's great to know. I sure like to use ACV for lots of other things. I drink it in hot water with a little honey. It seems to help me keep my blood sugar level, and not get weak and shaky if I miss a meal.
  11. so lucky

    Hello from Maine

    Hi! Glad to have you here. Lots of interesting stuff on the site. With all that going on, on one acre, I bet you don't have to mow much yard! I'm all for that.
  12. so lucky

    Hi there from sunny South Africa

    Welcome! It will be interesting hearing about the things that are different for gardening and sufficient living where you are. I hope you have a great life on your new farm.
  13. so lucky

    New here...

    Welcome to you both! A great way to learn is to just start at the beginning of an old thread, and read it till your eyeballs fall out. There is so much good information here. Good luck to you in your endeavors.
  14. so lucky

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    I haven't been on here very often lately but I was just wondering how your grand daughter is, regarding her digestion issues? I didn't make it through the last 10 or so pages of your journal, so you may have reported on her, and I missed it. (Sorry, I just don't follow the journals) I was...
  15. so lucky


    Hi, ECO! what a fun and exciting journey you are setting for yourself. Do you have a partner to share and support your endeavors? (sometimes it is exponentially easier to do chores if you have a willing helper)
  16. so lucky

    New to the Forum

    Kittie, do you live in SO CAL or middle or North? I guess there are micro climates there that will influence what you can grow when. I hope you find lots of good info on SS and TEG forums.
  17. so lucky

    GMO studies???

    Moolie, I remember seeing something about both those crops you spoke of: the GMO cotton in India and being the cause of so many bankruptcies and suicides, and GMO corn creeping into Mexico where they are trying so hard to keep it out. This may have been a program on the RT channel in the US...
  18. so lucky

    GMO studies???

    But I know I have read news articles about GMO food that has been created by using genes from a different species to achieve certain qualities. Of course I can't name any of them now, but seems like I recall fish genes being used in some fruit for some quality. Are these experimental only? Or...
  19. so lucky


    I think I would dump it. How many heads of cabbage are in it? (Not that it makes any difference in whether you should dump it; just commiserating with you on the loss)
  20. so lucky


    I overheard a mom saying their pediatrician won't prescribe antibiotics for ear infections any more. She said she just pours vinegar in the child's ear. (Warmed, I presume) Ever heard of that?