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  1. spiderleader

    novice level:fetus

    Hi! That's actually crazy-they have to be devious to combat the silkies! I would really love to see that and/or maybe aquire some killer fluff once I can tailor the coop to them haha (I'm down by cedar grove, but technically renton). You're even able to snag rats yourself? I don't think I could...
  2. spiderleader

    novice level:fetus

    I have always enjoyed learning how to do stuff myself and know how xyz came to be. Learning how meat is processed led me to be vegan for several years, I'd like to know where my food came from and 90% is disgusting hah. Never been a fan of waste and consistently finding ways to combat it, so...
  3. spiderleader

    PNW-aspiring recluse

    Sick of wasting time on all the blogs and youtube crap; that isn't helpful and full of ads. Actually found useful info on here and hopefully can contribute in the future.