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    North Vs. South These are issues to me not conventional.

    North Vs. South

    I am curious. What makes you think that the south can handle the north??

    North Vs. South

    A will never happen. No way no how. B is a real option. Big deck of cards C it has already started :) If war does break out on the penincula it will move the work to the next level. The question I have is what do the Chinese want?? :) To much Chinese influence on both sides.

    Mother Earth issue 1 ....25.00 shipped

    ??? OK ... GOOD NIGHT!!:P

    Mother Earth issue 1 ....25.00 shipped

    I have a very nice no tears or rips issue 1 of Mother Earth magazine 25.00 shipped paypal is fine Trade for: silver coins crkt knives LMK and Thank you for looking

    I know what I'm getting for Christmas :(

    I'd surf Craigslist or ask around first. Thats just the frugal squirriel in me speaking. NEVER PAY RETAIL! :) Merry CHRISTmas

    Researching Chickens and overwhelmed!!

    It's a trial and error thing. Some live some don't. Our first batch of chics all died. Learned and tried again. The little one was sad but what a life leasson. Specially when the one chic she named odd ball died. :( 5 yrs later she still talks about odd ball but now can help gut deer and...

    Researching Chickens and overwhelmed!!

    K..I..S..S.. Get them, feed them, water them and house them. Don't make it to complicated. Just do it!! Stop reading. Just figure out what you need for chickens and get them. This is not rocket science.

    Heating with wood

    I have an Encore catalitic converter stove too. They function best above 400 degrees. The only real issue is cleaning the catalitic converter every year. Takes time and you have to be very careful not to break the converter. Last season I burned 3 cords all winter and 1 tank of oil. total...
  10. THEFAN

    What did you do to save $ today?

    Today we picked up a 1/2 cord of free firewood. Cooked on the woodstove. Feed the animals with free food that was giving to us. Picked up free cloths a client gave us. Did some contract work for myself. :) Start work on the upstairs to finish off 3 more rooms in the house. :) A good day all...
  11. THEFAN

    HOMESTEAD BLESSING 4 DVDs Canning, Breadmaking, etc

    I have 4 very nice only watched a couple times HOMESTEAD BLESSING dvds. The Art of Dairy Delights The Art of Candle Making The Art of Canning The Art of Soap Making 40.00 shipped with DC and paypal is fine
  12. THEFAN

    TYPEWRITER wanted

    Very nice and I am going to start checking those sights you mentioned tonight. :) I found another one at our dump Sunday but there was some issues with it. ARGHH!! The dump attendant is a good friend and says he will keep his eyes out and start asking people too. :) We'll get one just a...
  13. THEFAN

    TYPEWRITER wanted

    Thank you but no on the goodwill. I am on an island and only get off for rare events. I do most of my bartering online or local. I have a few tenticles out on the island but always have a few want adds online too. Thank you D
  14. THEFAN

    TYPEWRITER wanted

    First off I do realize this might be a little bit to ship but I have a 12 yr old little girl who wants to be a writer. I am blossoming a future John Walton here. So as the title says I am looking for an old working non eelctric typewriter. Yes, she knows about these computer things but I...
  15. THEFAN

    What are you preparing for?

    ZOMBIES!!! Can't prep enough for them. :lol: Especially after this last election.
  16. THEFAN

    States file to seccede from the union, info from Washington post

    AMEN!! I do feel we have some big bumps ahead before we come back to smooth roads. Some of the bumps may hurt a lot. Do we have enough real Americans to get us back on the right path??? I really question that after this past election. Look at what they are doing to the military now :(...
  17. THEFAN

    Satellite dish

    We had one on our property too when we bought the family property. I took the dish down and scraped it. The post we will use for a solar panel holder someday. Right now it is used for a corner post to the chicken area. :) D Welcome to the site :)
  18. THEFAN

    How much toilet paper should we be putting in our long term storage?

    This was one of the first items we put away and stocked up on. We always have 3 cases of TP on hand at all times. Buy it by the case and save. A quick cheap item to add to your preps.
  19. THEFAN

    Things I Learned While Processing Chickens

    In about a week we have 100 of the buggahs to do. :) FUN FUN FUN TIME!!
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    Recicver has been sold Can no longer sell M40 gas mask. It has a new use. Thanks for looking