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  1. Dawn419

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Long time (okay, not really, but it feels like it) no talk to! :hugs I haven't read further than this ^^^...that is the story of my life, since we've moved to our newish home. I know I'm doing, but it just doesn't ever seem to show. It's bound to snow or worse, in the past week I've been told...
  2. Dawn419

    Dawn419 & doc's LSTA: Confounded Computer!!!

    I wish bunnies was on my list...still haven't found a local buck but the girls have been worth their weight/feed bill in "gold"! :lol: I've been robbing the families' yard of green goods that grow/stay green over the winter here and they are loving it (both the family and the buns). My favorite...
  3. Dawn419

    Anyone make or use shampoo bars?

    Not a shampoo bar but I've switched to diluted castille soap for shampoo and diluted vinegar for conditioner in the last 2 months. Has it been easy? Heck no...where's the lather and squeeky "clean" noise I'm used to hearing? :lol: long hair appears to be handling it much better, even...
  4. Dawn419

    BarredBuff's Homesteading Shenanigans

    I hear ya on the racks, little brother! It's so sad! :smack We grew up on venison and I miss having it as a staple part of our diet. There's nothing like anything venison, as far as I'm concerned! :drool Blueberries + Bambi's (no offense, PLEASE) = :love
  5. Dawn419

    Rabbits vs chickens

    If you can't tell, we're enablers here! :lol: Seriously though, have both chickens and rabbits and I'd be hard pressed to give either one of them up. If I had to give one or the other up, it would be the dumb guineas...but that's just how I do math here on my place! :lol:
  6. Dawn419

    Satellite dish

    Yep, what Deb said! :gig
  7. Dawn419

    Stopping by to say hi, from a new member :)

    Hello and Welcome from Arkansas! :frow
  8. Dawn419

    Dawn419 & doc's LSTA: Confounded Computer!!!

    Very quick, odd-hour-for-me update... All is well! Computer tower problem fixed and have been busy trying to get winterized. Over halfway there with that but still need to get garlic planted. :barnie Never thought I'd see the day that planting garlic was on the winterizing list but proud to be...
  9. Dawn419

    Hello all

    Hello and Welcome to the forum, DebFred! :frow Feel free to start a new topic/thread to introduce yourself, if you want to! ;)
  10. Dawn419

    BarredBuff's Homesteading Shenanigans

    BB, If ya don't get a deer in KY, just come on out and visit us in Arkansas...the deer need serious thinning on the roads here! :hu :lol: We usually see close to 2 dozen on the way home from my moms place...a 20 minute trip. :th
  11. Dawn419

    Hey, someone here?

    Not religious, but... Amen...hubby and Marianne (hey lady :frow )! It's a busy time of the year, just like spring is. Add the upcoming holidays and I know I'm not around here that much, as in posting. I do check in regularly, even though I may not log in! ;) Vollan, One heck of a way to...
  12. Dawn419

    Funny canning story to share

    Wonderrful story, raro! Thank you, so much, for sharing it with us and thank you for what you do for those children!!! :hugs
  13. Dawn419

    Cardamom Pods/Seeds

    Cannot find this locally and would love to try growing my own. Will gladly send postage or will work out a trade, if I have anything of interest. Thanks! Dawn
  14. Dawn419

    Does anyone do kitchen scrap gardening? Planting, not composting

    Well, had a major fail on the root cuttings from the ginger and horseradish. We had a bunch of rain after I potted them and the cuttings rotted instead of rooting!:rolleyes: Doc brought home another root of each about a week and a half ago. I was busy with other things and left them sitting...
  15. Dawn419

    Dawn419 & doc's LSTA: Confounded Computer!!!

    You can blame it on my mom, she even said she was pretty sure the snow y'all got was mainly her fault because she cleaned her house, but, that I'm partially to blame since I did water changes in both of the fish tanks! :gig Had a good, short and sweet visit with Granny! Those are always the...
  16. Dawn419

    SSDreamin Blessings and curses

    Love, love love the tile project you did! :bow I am also drooling over your kitchen! :drool Yay...another clean spot in the camper now! :gig
  17. Dawn419

    Dawn419 & doc's LSTA: Confounded Computer!!!

    My computer has been acting up lately, that's why I've no been around. :rant Doc and I took the tower apart the other night and took everyhting apart and gave it a good cleaning. Still had some trouble last night so we got into it again and realized one of the main fans is acting wonky. Pulled...
  18. Dawn419

    learning how to provide some healthcare for the family

    Here's the thread that so lucky mentioned: Herbal Studies. True that, okra! I have been "dabbling" in herbals for many years...just basics like treating colds, upset stomachs, cuts, bruises, insect bites/stings. etc. My favorite book is The School of Natural Healing by Dr. John Christopher...
  19. Dawn419

    Dawn419 & doc's LSTA: Confounded Computer!!!

    Deb, I just hang the cloves in a mesh bag and try and keep them in a cool/dark spot. Right now, the garlic bag hangs near the camper door, partially behind the curtain. I'd love to keep it in a cabinet under the sink but the mice get it there. :rolleyes: I'm wondering if we could drill holes in...
  20. Dawn419

    Overgrown Basil...

    Seconding what Michey says about basil. :D Cutting will easily root in water, too, and give you and endless supply of basil plants...ask me how I know! :gig We love using the leaves fresh on sandwhiches (in place of/or with lettuce) and chopped up in salads. :drool