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    WTF?? Taking Tomatoes Back To Their Tasty Roots

    Is it me or was that article just retarded. Why can't people learn to grow their own?
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    Hen23's Journal~Goodbye

    Thank you guys for giving me some great ideas for how to deal with the hay sitch for the rabbit. I feel bad for the poor thing because she's in a smaller cage (in my opinion; it does fit "normal" standards) and I give her TONS of weeds plus hay plus a bowl of rabbit food and, until recently, a...
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    Slaughtering meat goats

    I am of the mindset that once it is no longer alive then it is a piece of meat. I am almost certain that I could do the halal method or any other if called to do so. I was watching a video where someone used a 2x4 to kill a rabbit for slaughter. Frankly, in my opinion, that is MUCH more...
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    Dang chickens...another broody?

    Yeah, Xanthe always growls at me too. She's harmless though. She's not only the bottom of the pecking order but she's never once pecked me, even by accident. The only one that does peck at me is my Delaware and she's usually trying to get the bugs (freckles and moles) off me. She seems like...
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    mouth ulcers?

    One other thing I thought I'd throw out there is that I've found that when I am having an outbreak, I tend to crave dairy. As it turns out, it is one of the foods that are high in L-lysine and low in arginine.
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    mouth ulcers?

    I get them on both the inside and outside of my mouth. I usually only swish a bit of salt water around insside my mouth and spit for the internal ones. For the external ones, I put something like herpicin on it. the hard part is do NOT mess with it. You can spread it to other parts if you...
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    Alone! with the chickens!

    I "cheat" when I need to do anything with "the girls". If they are loose and not supposed to be, I toss down some scratch. Ditto for any time I need to open their run door and don't want to be bum rushed. The reason they rush the door is because in winter I let them loose in the yard so I...
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    Dang chickens...another broody?

    I have a broody that I'm breaking up right now. She has been sitting for weeks on NO eggs. Normally, I keep them in their coop and run (to keep them out of the garden) but I've locked her out of both today with the hopes that the garden will keep her distracted enough not to try to sit...
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    Tornado Drills and Where to Go?

    We've had a TON of severe weather in the last 2 weeks. Thus far, the tornado sirens one town over have gone off 2 times and our own has gone off once. We are on the side of town that can hear both sirens and I think that is good as our small town seems to be delayed when responding to that...
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    Need help planning a birthday party for a 1-year-old boy

    We did a bubble party once. The kids had a pool outside to swim in, there was a bubble machine and everyone had containers of bubbles. We also blew up a bunch of dark blue, light blue, white and clear balloons for the floor (we left them somewhat underinflated a bit just in case someone tried...
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    Staying cool

    I always enjoy a nice minted iced tea on super hot days. YUM!!! I need to buy new mint because our last plant did not survive this past winter.
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    Staying cool

    Abi reminded me of another thing we do on occasion. Sometimes, I'll put a damp washcloth over the top of a fan for a homemade evaporative cooler.
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    Staying cool

    We open all the windows at sundown and close the south windows between 10 and 11 am. Our house is oriented North/South so we get a fair breeze coming through for most of the day. Usually there is a 10 degree difference between outside and inside. Not too bad on 90 degree days but not fun on...
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    We did a normal vaccination schedule with our son and a delayed schedule with our daughter. Fortunately, our pedi works with us on it. They fully understand that we do NOT want our children coming home with 4 bandaids just to "catch them up". Our kids are good about shots too. Rebecca, I...
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    tried to make my own mayo..... :(

    Mine usually makes between 1 and 1 1/2 cups.
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    Chocolate Formula!?!

    Hwillm, my kids' favorite summer treat as infants was homemade frozen bananas. Yes, it changes colors but let me tell you that processed jarred stuff doesn't taste like any banana I've ever had. Hmm... Maybe I should make some banana popsicles. YUM!!! My kids LOVED anything homemade. I...
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    Hornets on the Porch

    When I lived down in Dallas, a lot of people painted the underside of their porches blue and that supposedly discouraged wasps from building there. I can't really say if it was the blue paint or not but those people never had any bug issues.
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    Lorihadams-- hi guys...been busy!

    They have these things that are magnetic (you stick them to each other) and you put them on the screens to help pets learn where the screen door is. When we first moved into this house, we had to put post-its on the sliding door so the dog wouldm't run into it. The old house didn't have any...
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    Is a 1/2 acre enough?

    The market sucks here too. We live in a starter home community and our house alone lost $50,000 in value in one year. Let's put it this way, we bought our house 3 years ago for $120,000 and thought it was a great price because it was valued at $140,000 (it was short sale). Last year, it was...
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    I got free bedding!!

    LOL I have a few neighbors like that. In my neighborhood, I'm definitely the crazy lady on the block. I prefer to think of myself as eccentric without money, though. One of my immediate neighbor's, unfortunately, uses both pesticides and herbicides on his lawn and there is no way I was...