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  1. VT-Chicklit

    Grain bags

    I have made the muslin bags and used them to hold pasta that I am planning to vaccume seal in mylar bags. The muslin bags keep the sharp pasta from poking a hole in the mylar and ruining the seal. After I place the pasta in the muslin bag I tie it shut and place it in the mylar bag with a few...
  2. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    I bought canning jar flats today at Big Lots. I have been watching for them to come in. I had heard that the price of the flat lids had radically gone up in price so I was concerned. I was able to get these for $1.25 a box. Last year they were $1.00 so they had a 25% increase in price. The $1.25...
  3. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    Dh brought home 4 RIR hens that are 1 year old from work last week. A guy that he works with was thinning his flock because he has too many for his hen house. I have a small hen house with 4 hens already and needed additional space for the new 4 girls. My sister had a 3 X 5 dog house that she...
  4. VT-Chicklit

    log splitters?

    We have both an electric splitter and a gas motor powered splitter. The electric splitter is good for small logs or splitting pieces that have ot been split small enough. They will not split logs of any size. We got a load of tree length logs last spring. They logs were much larger in diameter...
  5. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    I took mom to Aldis on Monday and I got a great deal on bag sausage. They had 10 bags of raw sage, plain or spicy sausage for 50 cents a bag. Each bag weight was 16 oz. I bought all the plain and sage (we dont like spicy), which totaled 8 bags. Great deal 8 pounds of sausage for 4 bucks! I took...
  6. VT-Chicklit

    Does this freak you out?

    Preparing for an upcomming monitary crash is no different than preparing for any other unknown clamity that can befall you. You try to cover as many "bases" as you can see that might be in peril. You have a well stocked BOB, water and food for near term use and the ability to obtain more when...
  7. VT-Chicklit

    Does this freak you out?

    I believe we are being given signs about where we are headed. You know the old saying that states "he who does not know history. . . is doomed to repeat it." We are following down the path of the Weimar Republic (with slight variatrions) also Zimbabwe comes to mind.Many Americans are...
  8. VT-Chicklit

    wide scale preparations scenario

    I spray my pear trees with Dormant Oil in the spring as the leaf buds are just starting to open, I spray them again several weeks later, after the flowers have gone by. I do not want to interfear with the bees. Doing these two sprays in the spring has stopped the blight that was infecting the...
  9. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    I stopped into Wally World yesterday, with my mother, to try and get 20 cent packets of seeds. I got some carrot seeds this way last year, and we are realy enjoying them now. I found the seeds and got 10 packs of carrots (heirloom tendersweet variety), 3 packs of turnip, 1 pack of cuke, and 1...
  10. VT-Chicklit


    I canned 3 quarts and 3 pints of ham, 1 quart of pork chops and 1 pint of short ribs (for sauce).
  11. VT-Chicklit

    Who here has canned Ham?

    Thank you The Vail Benton's, that souonds easy enough. DH and I love quiche and fritattas and I think the canned ham would be great for that purpose!
  12. VT-Chicklit

    Who here has canned Ham?

    I have two butt hams in my refridgerator that I am thinking about canning. I have never canned ham and am interrested in information on how to process it. I have raw and hot packed meat, just not ham. I am also interested in hearing about what the texture of the ham meat is like after canning. I...
  13. VT-Chicklit

    Yard sale score!!!

    I just got 5 dozen new quart jars for $2.75 a dozen from the Grand Union in town. They were bought out by a Hannafords and they have until February 18 to radically reduce their inventory so the store can be completely remodeled and expanded.
  14. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    I took my mother to the doctors today and on our way back we stopped at the Grand Union in town. That Grand Union is being bought out by Hannafords, a Supermarket Chain in our area. All "Best Brand" items were 50% off and select merchandise of other brands were also drasticly reduced. I bought...
  15. VT-Chicklit

    Attitudes towards "Trash Picking"

    I scored again yesterday, when I stopped to investigate the contents of two drawers that had been set beside the road. I was able to save: 1. Beautiful cut lead crystal stemmed goblet (12 oz) I have put a glass votive holder into the goblet and I have it lit now beside my computer for...
  16. VT-Chicklit

    Attitudes towards "Trash Picking"

    DH use to squalk when I would yell "PULL OVER". He doesnt any more since I got 5 unopened packages of shingles from a FREE pile for the roof of the coup. He and I, the other day, were going to pick up 6 barely used winter tires w/ rims ($100) from a poster on Craigs List. As we were driving...
  17. VT-Chicklit

    Egg shell for chickens

    In the colder seasons, I grind my egg shells down to powder and then mix some of the powder in with the hot mash that I make for my girls from their layer pellets, meat scraps, veggie scraps, pasta, and scratch. I put what ever I have handy in their bowl and add hot water. I feed this to them in...
  18. VT-Chicklit


    Unripe and under ripe fruit have more pectin than fully ripened fruit. Use about 25% unripe fruit when making jelly for better jelling.
  19. VT-Chicklit

    banana and hubbard squash recipes

    Has anyone tried dehydrating winter squashes?
  20. VT-Chicklit

    What did you do to save $ today?

    I had a dental appointment today, and I decided to visit my favorite "junk" store. I only visit this store when I am headed in that direction for other reasons because it is about 45 miles form my house. This store carries furnature, clothes, bedding and housewares, tools, electronics and food...