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    Me too!
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    Peeing in nest box

    I’m here! Sorry about being out of touch! Had a tough week then trying to get the house clean because we are having a VISITOR!!! …you ever get the feeling someone is watching you? ….
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    Peeing in nest box

    Not hanging wire, just a huge grow out cage on a stand that we divided into (4) 2’x4’ sections
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    Peeing in nest box

    My doe had 3 good falls offs Sept 24. I put nesting box in with her last Monday (28 days) All she wants to do is pee in it and isn’t pulling fur…what should I do about her peeing in it? There are just a little soft pine shavings over cardboard in it
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    My new Dog

    Looks like he chose you. Once they own you like that, you can’t give them up. It’s like when we pasted construction paper together in kindergarten. Can’t do it without tearing both pieces. He looks like a ❤️ love. Maybe even a blessing! 😂
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    What Did You Dehydrate Today?

    Wondering how many beans you need to plant to get 20-40 lb? I like the idea and think I have the garden space…I’m dehydrating more Comfrey today because I sold out on Comfrey Salve again!
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    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    Well dang, guess I must be saltier than you cuz the sweat running into my eyes burns me blind! Of course I don’t sweat from roofing my home in triple digit weather, I sweat walking to the kitchen 😂
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    AHHHH! Why can't I make yogurt?

    Mine is a Yogourmet. I got it because I go thru a LOT of yogurt and it makes 2 quarts at a time in one big container. Not sure if you would like that or not, but here is the link...
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    Sheep Vs. Goat's Vs. Cows

    I have all 3. I am giving up the goats, however, as they keep tearing down fences and are much harder to deal with. The cow provides more year round, but we love lamb and the hair sheep are so low maintenance. Hair sheep are not seasonal breeders, so you can get 3 lamb crops in 2 years. Mine...
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    why do you own horses?

    I had a love for horses ever since I was a kid. I lived in the #1 drug center in the country as a kid, but my activities with horses kept me out of that mess. Boys and everything else took a back seat to my riding. I spent every free minute with them and trained show horses and riders for 30...
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    What to do with Whey

    :yuckyuck :gig
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    Welding-burnt eyes

    We use potato slices or cucumber slices....I like cucumber best! :)
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    MEAT BIRDS THREAD ~Plans, pics, pens, pluckers, processing! GRAPHIC!

    Eloquently stated. I'd like to add, that all of them will die somehow, I'd rather mine died a humane death with purpose than to suffer disease or old age or be destroyed by a predator.
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    The Bread Thread!

    I slice mine when cool, then wrap in plastic wrap, then in tinfoil and freeze it. It's just like fresh when we take it out. All but one loaf will go in, and that one will remain unsliced and we slice as we use only lasts a day or two anyway cuz we go through it so fast
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    home made butter...yum!

    You can shake your heavy cream in a jar, use a stand mixer, or food processor..I have a Jersey cow so I have an electric churn as I do 2 gallons at a time. Make sure to rinse all the buttermilk out of it or it will go sour quickly. Use COLD water when you rinse it, of course! :P
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    Survival Homesteading

    3 How many goats for adequate milk, butter, cheese, and soap supplies? Do you have a cream separator? It's hard to get the cream off of goat milk as it is naturally homogenized. For a family of 5 a dairy cow might be a better will supply you with adequate milk and cream plus yearly...
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    Boy do I love my LGD's!

    It's not so bad. Our boss and his immediate family are really great. They treat us like family and let me have my milk cow, goats, sheep and chickens here, as well as my horses. They let me do what ever I want to the house and yard and gives me the use of a couple of the pastures just for...
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    Boy do I love my LGD's!

    Actually, it's not our property. We are just ranch hands and it was the boss' dad I was worried about as he won't slow down, he's hit their dogs here as well. It was just for a weekend, thankfully! :th
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    To stay home or not to stay home***I DID IT**

    I realize some folks have no choice, but if there IS a choice, kids grow up so fast, and there is no way to redeem the time that is lost. Thats my 2 cents worth!