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  1. Jen-pi

    Indoor Clothes Dryers

    I have been drying clothes inside lately in front of my pellet stove. I was wondering if you'all could post some pictures or give me some ideas on a better way to do it. The drying rack I have now is one of those accordian ones. It is flimsey and I dont like it being in the way. I was think of...
  2. Jen-pi

    What breed of goats are these?

    I saw this ad on Craigslist.
  3. Jen-pi

    Dr. said son needs to gain weight....suggestions?

    I took him in for a sinus infection. The Dr. said that he is underweight. I have to agree with him, he is a boney little thing. He is 10yo and weighs about 65 pounds. The thing is, I dont feed him crap. He doesnt get McDonalds, candy or much junk food. His favorite foods are meat, and fruit. I...
  4. Jen-pi

    Woven Feed Bag bags?

    I remember seeing this somewhere. Does anyone have a link on how to make them? TIA
  5. Jen-pi

    "Solar Flare" the book

    I found this book at my local thrift shop. I kinda had to chuckle when I saw it. I took it home and read it in 2 days! It was really interesting...some of the things that they dealt with I never thought about. The one thing that keeps reentering my brain is how in the book, the President says...
  6. Jen-pi

    Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

    I just finished reading this book. Anyone else read it? What did you think? Did you get inspired? Did it make you think twice before buying celery in the middle of November in Wisconsin?
  7. Jen-pi

    My bread looked "weird"

    Ok, so I made the "bread in one hour" recipe for whole wheat bread. I took a sandwich for lunch today at work. My co-worker looked at it and said it looked weird. Then, I also had some cottage cheese with homemade peach butter mixed in and she and my other co-worker were making fun of that...
  8. Jen-pi

    Canned milk?

    Has anyone here ever canned milk? Like evaporated milk or sweetened condensed?
  9. Jen-pi

    Jen-pi's Journal

    Hi guys! Ive been reading this forum for quite some time and I figured I would go ahead and bite the bullet and start a journal. Im a 36 year old mother of two boys. We have two adopted Beagles and six chickens. We had seven, but poor Mario kicked the bucket. Have been married to my husband for...