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  1. cabinguy


    Ramps in spring Mushrooms spring till fall still working on foraged mushrooms we dried and froze
  2. cabinguy

    GAHT Greenhouse

    Agreed water could be the issue However it would extend the greenhouse season both early and late. Checkout the Walipini Greenhouse designs
  3. cabinguy

    GAHT Greenhouse

    I always thought a pit greenhouse would be a great concept
  4. cabinguy

    I am new here

    Welcome Way cool house
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    Maybe a Keyhole garden would work for You, I believe the concept is African
  6. cabinguy

    What is this??

    The last one is a cocks comb I believe the Amish by me always grow it their garden ( not sure why )...
  7. cabinguy


    Britesea I would love to know more about eatable weeds. My Amish neighbors pick purslane and say its good for weight loss with many health benefits I'm sure there are many common weeds that can eaten and probably delicious
  8. cabinguy


    I may have to start eating the weeds in my garden instead of composting them :idunno
  9. cabinguy

    Gardening with chickens

    I always thought it would be good to rotate garden with a chicken pen every other year, with the coop in the middle. The downside would be you need a large area.
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    This time of year be on the lookout for Hen of the woods They are at the base of oak trees and are excellent to eat Hens get very large
  11. cabinguy


    Attached info about chicken of the woods Use the tender younger part of the mushroom as it gets woody You can bread and fry it like chicken more recipes
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    Shrooming yesterday with DW and found some Golden Oysters at a state park
  13. cabinguy

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    Comfrey is real easy to grow i planted it at the base of my fruit trees to improve my soil kind of a natural fertilizer. I also make Comfrey fertilizer with the leaves for my garden with it ( very easy ) . I have bocking 14 because the seed is sterile it needs to be propagated by root. I...
  14. cabinguy


    Britesea, DW and I picked the red berries and planted them (if you look at the pic close you can see the berries) we did that for two reasons to keep others from finding the plant because it makes them harder to find without the red berries and to grow new plants. I understand that it takes 5-7...
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    Foraging for mushrooms I found ginseng for the 1st time.........
  16. cabinguy

    officially firewood season has started for me

    Thats a strange tax I assume its higher ? Im thinking NH has no sales tax ......
  17. cabinguy

    The New Guy on the Homestead

    Updated pic of the new guy. He's a sneaky little thing he slipped under our fence and and camped out in the neighbors corm field. This week we need to pull hairs to have his DNA checked.
  18. cabinguy

    Up grading my off grid cabin to a 5 star rating

    I think im done with the shower finished railing and self for zodi ...........
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    Bottle calves?

    Critter you can check your local AG paper for up to date market prices ( ). Not sure why you want an intact bull calf they are unpredictable. Most homestead farmers in my area raise Herefords for meat Ive been told they are calmer than Angus.Ive been...
  20. cabinguy

    Amish Friends

    On really hot days in the summer DW and I pack a cooler with ice and Popsicles and visit a couple of our Amish neighbors. Usually we find most of the family working on something in the basement to keep cool. Most of the time we end up sitting on the porch with the whole family enjoying the...