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    Moving Forward

    P. S. Also wanted to say that the vast majority of the time it is the personal stuff and the drama stuff and the journals that get most of the replies. (Which means they get most of the page views, ad hits, etc.) Might want to take it up with the accountant before you discourage people from...
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    Moving Forward

    I don't think it's fair to immediately accuse us of being close minded because we don't jump on every piece of advice we get. Zen, just because you know you are smarter than the rest of us doesn't mean the rest of us know that. (Sort of proves your point, doesn't it?) :lol: Personally, I don't...
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    Can I do a wart remover challenge? :)

    I am still collecting these, btw. My intention is when I stop working, to begin with the remedies that require me to walk around with stuff stuck to my head. Then, if none of those work to buy that $30 tube of stuff. I thought of using clear fingernail polish and trying it now, but I think it...
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    Plastic bags . .what do you do?

    Seems like you could hot glue a few clothes pins or chip clips to the inside of a cabinet door and hang various sizes of them together in there. Cassandra
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    Food Storage Challenge

    Thanks for coming aboard and reminding me about it. Since we buy food monthly, we REALLY never run out any more. It's just piling up. I did go and buy about 20# of split chicken breasts the other day for $1 a pound. I love it when it goes on sale. Cassandra
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    I am reading the strangest book right now

    I finished up the book a day or two ago. The last part of it had a section on avoiding legal disputes with people. She explained what basically boiled down to intimidating people into leaving you alone. She mentioned a couple of people who had been less than honest in business dealings with her...
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    Can you make bread in a bread machine with sourdough starter

    It is delicious. We made cheese toast with it for dinner. Cassandra
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    Can you make bread in a bread machine with sourdough starter

    Oh, thanks! I am going to try it! I have a sunbeam machine that makes 1.5 or 2 lb loaves. I was disappointed that there was no sourdough recipe. It is my favorite! Cassandra
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    Can you make bread in a bread machine with sourdough starter

    I have a really beautiful, healthy delicious sourdough starter in the fridge. I take it out once a month or so and make pancakes and a big batch of waffles (which I freeze.) But since my oven has gone out, I never make bread any more except in the bread machine. Does anyone have a breadmachine...
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    I am reading the strangest book right now

    I would totally read it, Bee! Here was another line from Ms. Freed that I thought was funny enough to share. It actually relates to another recent post (of your's, Bee) about preventive health and SS living. Ms. Freed is explaining how living the SS life is plenty healthy for most people...
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    what to do when your spouse doesn't "get it" that is!

    :lau :lau :lau So true. Every time after John cooks the (white) kitchen cabinets are covered with drips of stuff. I don't know how he does this EVERY time!! But I ask him why he didn't clean it and he's like "clean what?" :lol: Cassandra
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    Another question to not ask on another forum.

    Yeah, after you cook them (or right before) it doesn't matter. I would like to find a good egg poacher. Sounds yummy. Cassandra
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    Still can not find darn washing soda!

    PotterWatch how much do you pay for that stuff in quantity? It was already out of season when I started looking for it, so I haven't been able to price it locally yet. The best price I found it online was about $7 a pound (for any quantity that I would even consider paying shipping for) plus a...
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    Cheeseburger Salad

    You can make a pizza salad by putting pizza toppings on salad greens (also popular with low carbers.) A good dressing is equal parts oil & vinegar seasoned with italian seasoning, lemon pepper & seasoning salt. I'm gonna try the cheeseburger variety for sure. (pizza toppings can be expensive...
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    Still can not find darn washing soda!

    IMO, there isn't much rocket science involved in the making of this powdered laundry detergent. I keep telling myself that, anyway. I had been buying the washing soda online and in the process, not really saving that much money over buying pre-made. So, when I run out of the last washing soda...
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    I am reading the strangest book right now

    Regarding growing a garden in your front yard: "If the neighbors comment on it, you can tell them you are conducting socioeconomic feasibility studies or to go screw themselves, as your temperament dictates." :lau Bee, I'm waiting for YOUR book. :caf Cassandra
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    I think I should sell my car.

    We haven't done anything yet. We're waiting until my work situation irons out. I will let you know how we resolve it, though. Cassandra
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    I am reading the strangest book right now

    She says the most hilarious things. Like in the beginning of the gardening section she goes on about how difficult some people make gardening out to be. I don't like to quote to much but things like "Some authors give the impression that gardening is some sort of complicated, esoteric...
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    Money Saving Tips for your Car

    I have new respect for the term 'jackrabbit starts'!! My parents told me when I was a toddler daddy used to sneak off with me and take me drag racing. ~I bet that explains a lot, doesn't it!?~ Daddy said I would ride standing up in the passenger seat. (Early 70's. No such thing as carseats or...
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    I am reading the strangest book right now

    It's called Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with Almost No Money I found this weird place where you can read it online for free, but I don't have the link to it at work. It was written in the mid...