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    Memes That Make You Giggle

    My caption for that gator would of been Captain . Permission to come aboard ?
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    Memes That Make You Giggle

    It was the person talking that put you to sleep not the over head projector .
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    All About Vacuum Sealing

    I have 1 of these that i have to play with one of these days.
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    The Art and Benefits of Foraging

    Have a group i meet with early on friday mornings . My 5 mins. is spent showing a plant and giving its uses. When asked how long i could go without repeating plants i told them about three and a half years . My only rule is it must grow in my area . It can be native , ornamental or an invasive.
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    this place is worthless for my needs

    I am pretty sure that my siblings considter me the cheap turkey at our thanksgiving dinner .
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    Memes That Make You Giggle

    That toilet would be great until you lift the lid and see a Death Star aiming at you.
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    Good reference book(s)?

    It is not a book that you would just set down and read but from a research point of view very handy . My home has thousands or books in it so what I list I also own .
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    Good reference book(s)?

    Tortoise for a look at Native American herbal try
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    Good reference book(s)?

    Ignor the price it is just for reference to the book " Find one that is " out of date " and pay less that $20 for it. Another would be...
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    Motion sensor radio???

    So basically you wire this Pre plug and then use...
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    Fodder Corn Leaves and cobs?

    I would think that as long as you grind the cob it would be fine. A large part of cattle nutrition come from the bacteria byproduct in the digestive system and the bacteria would feed on the cobs. Here's another feed source you never hear about except in bad feed times ...
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    Stray knowledge kicking in again . Nicotine in small doses is actually good for you . Mmm we call it niacin . Of course to much of a good thing can kill you also .
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    Well you know the old saying " if everybody knows it then its proably no so " Tomato leaves have been being used by chefs for several years now . Just lookup tomato leaf recipes . Here's one .
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    Dehydrating cucuzza

    Look on the bright side . If you don't like it after you dehydrate it just grind it to flour and use as an add in when making breads or as a soup thickener .
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    Hi from Tn

    Welcome from middle Tn
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    Puzzled deer hunter.

    While I do hunt and self dress deer I am not Deep South . Middle Tennessee here so it can be warm . What I do is gut befor you move it as this will start the cool down process . I then skin it and remove the head as soon as i can . Normally less than an hour later . Now here's the part that...
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    No more jars? Oh now just a case of the little half pints . They don't really count as canning jars. Just right for samples of that new jam recipe you wanted to try.👹
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    Speaking of the freeze dried foods . If you like Augason farms then check out prepping 20% to 50% deals on Amazon . Stopped and took a peek . # 10 cans butter powder $19.94 reg $42.99 .
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    Well with my water the only issue is clay . Do not a hard clean up. With mineral rich water I don't no but maybe use something like the molded silicon loaf pans to hold the water . They flex and should make cleanup easy.