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    Whipped Body Butter

    Thanks! I have been looking for a whipped body butter recipe. I wonder if you use less liquid oil and cocoa butter and use more beeswax, if that would make it less greasy. Rosemary Gladstar has a whipped lotion recipe that is supposed to be great.
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    Howdy from West TN

    Thanks so much!@
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    Howdy from West TN

    Hey everyone! I am Carrie from West TN. I am married with two angels in heaven. I have 5 Rhode Island Red girls that are 4 weeks old that I have been raising. I love making things and growing things myself. I am trying hard to become more self-sufficient. I teach in an elementary school and I...
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    rag rug

    Could anyone post directions for someone who hasn't made one before? I would love to make one. Thanks!
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    Hi from Tn

    Hey Y'all, I am Carrie from West TN. I am glad to be here.