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  1. wyoDreamer

    FarmerJamie - A new beginning

    I couldn't use a clothesline out in Wyoming, things came off the line dirtier than they were before I washed them, lol. I could use a clothesline here in Wisconsin, but the clothesline is located in the dog yard and my old dog loved to play with the hanging clothes.
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    We make candied yams for thanksgiving every year, it is tradition. They are so putzy that we only do them once a year. This is my grandmas recipe. Slice boiled yams into 3/8" rounds (I did slightly thicker rounds this year because I overcooked them and if I cut them any thinner they fell...
  3. wyoDreamer

    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    @FarmerJamie Thank you for the recipe. I love sweet potatoes and am definitely going to try these.
  4. wyoDreamer

    Top 10 Ways To Save On Chicken Feed Costs

    Can you explain the reasoning behind feeding cat/dog food to chickens? I did it once when I ran out of chicken food during a snowstorm, but that was an emergency. With the price of dog food around here, not sure why anyone would feed it to chickens. a 50-pound bag of chicken pellets is...
  5. wyoDreamer

    2022-23 Heating Season - high prices?!

    We pre-paid in the summer also. Glad we did, I don't know the price we paid or the price it is at now, but DH says we are saving already. Wood pellet stove helps also.
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    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    I got the offer for Position B this morning! So excited! I did call yesterday to see if I was even being considered and she said she was working on the offer to me, she was trying to get it expedited through the superiors and I should have it this morning. Yay! the offer is quite a bit...
  7. wyoDreamer

    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    Well, I was just offered a position. Woo Hoo! I got a job! Trouble is, I interviewed for another position last week that I think I would much rather have. Timeline: October 21 - interview for Position A. Good job, doing something different, office work. Excited for the possiblitly. Told...
  8. wyoDreamer

    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    I think I am going to pick up a gift card for the grocery store - then they can pick whatever treat they want. The vet knows that there is no way to clip Gus's nails without sedation, so I am sure that is why they did it. I just really appreciated it and that they got him in to see the vet so...
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    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    Gus has finished all his meds and is back to normal. We will assume that is a good thing. DH has decided that Gus has become my dog. DH was Gus's favorite person. Well, I am the one to walk him, feed him and give him attention at night, what do you expect? When Gus was under for the...
  10. wyoDreamer

    Motion sensor radio???

    If they have a motion detector water sprayer for deer, I would think there would be one for a radio.
  11. wyoDreamer

    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    We got rib steaks with our first 1/2 beef we ordered. We didn't really like them, so I asked for something else when we ordered the second time. So the lady says "OK, no rib steaks, leave as a Prime Rib roast". So long story short - rib streak is a cut up rib roast. I think they make a much...
  12. wyoDreamer

    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    So sorry about your dog @Trying2keepitReal That is a hard one to tackle. :hugs:hit DH has the discussion about how far we are willing to go with vet care, every time I take a pet to the vet. We both agree with quality of life over quantity. I have been instructed to buy another lottery...
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    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    Those fuzzy ears just get to me! Love the cattle pic's @CrealCritter
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    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    Thankfully, Gus is feeling much better. Demanding to have the ball thrown if you are outside. Constant.Ball.Throwing. He does tire out a little faster, but his limp is a little better also. Making sure to take it a little slower with him now. He ate all of his breakfast, licking the bowl...
  15. wyoDreamer

    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    Had to take the dog to the vet yesterday. Poor 8 year old Gus was feeling poorly and wouldn't eat. We have a very good vet and he was able to work Gus in - Thursday is their Friday so if he couldn't get in yesterday he would have had to wait until Monday. He has been limping for a week or so...
  16. wyoDreamer

    Coffee's Ready, Come and Sit on the Porch

    @CrealCritter I saw a news report of a mountain lion heading east through western and west-central Illionois. Is this in your area? Article said it had been tagged in Nebraska and they are telling people to leave it alone as it travels east.
  17. wyoDreamer

    What Did You Dehydrate Today?

    I love dehydrated bananas - I always dip the slices in fresh lime juice to reduce their turning brown.
  18. wyoDreamer

    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    I refuse to have a microwave over the stove. Ours was setup that way in Wyoming and I hated it. When making supper, why do I want to reach up over hot pans to use a microwave? Also, whenever I used the pressure canner, the fan on the microwave would turn itself on and run until I was done...
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    wyodreamer - we're not in Wyo any more

    I am going to make cutout cookies for Halloween. I have cookie cutters that I bought 4 years ago and haven't used yet. Last week, I did an impulse buy of a cake decorating set - don't tell my DH. Figured it would be a good time to try them both out.
  20. wyoDreamer

    What's for dinner?

    I had a professor in college who raised worms in his basement for a side job. Sold them for fishing bait. Made a little money at a hobby that he loved.