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  1. FarmerChick

    Smart Kenyan boy sets an example for us!

    very cool for a young kid to fix a problem when needed. especially to help against LIONS! :) there are alot of young amazing kids in this world. kids at young ages do come up with some million dollar business ideas and start charity foundations, etc. there are alot of inspiring stories...
  2. FarmerChick

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Deb. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)
  3. FarmerChick

    Daydreaming while waiting impatiently!

    sorry. but I bet something better will come along for you!!
  4. FarmerChick

    Gas Furnace - To Fix or Replace

    Good deal. I would say with the amt. of use you get from the furnace, which is low usage as you said, I would have said FiX IT and wait til that sucker dies then spend the bigger bucks. Sounds like you are back up and in business very cheaply :)
  5. FarmerChick

    Store bought milk going off fast

    Found this on the internet. I also had some milk go south faster than the expiration date on the carton. not often, but it happened to me also. --------------- The reason the milk doesnt turn to cheese on the first day you get it is because it was pasturized. This process kills bacteria by...
  6. FarmerChick

    Heat your room for 8 pence a day!

    Yea, with a stand alone shed it should be ok. My tack rooms are all extra large rooms built in my horse barns. K1--wired hot clothes. that is a hoot!
  7. FarmerChick

    Heat your room for 8 pence a day!

    Deb be real careful with any flames in a barn situation. I don't think I would have the cahoonies to light any fire in my barn areas.
  8. FarmerChick

    Daydreaming while waiting impatiently!

    COOL. I can sure here the excitement in that post! Fingers crossed for you!! Let us know.
  9. FarmerChick

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Holy cow Deb---snow next week and a few inches to boot? yikes. get yourself alot of wood :) hope it misses ya! I think our southern region will have a bad winter. I am getting ready for the stupid ice storms that come our way. Let's all think WARM!
  10. FarmerChick

    Spouse will not use a budget sytem

    I am sorry to hear about those medical problems. That is a hard reality to deal with for the 2 of you. When he gets mad maybe it is him trying to cope with his own problems. He can't come to terms with them. Health issues can be extremely paralyzing and overwhelming to many. Take care of...
  11. FarmerChick

    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    So sorry Deb for your loss. sending prayers for your family.
  12. FarmerChick

    Spouse will not use a budget sytem

    My goodness is he very sick? With you stating this I get the feeling you think his time is limited and you want to think of your future and how you might get stuck with massive debt? if this is the case you better tell him how you feel. It is time for real hard factual conversation with...
  13. FarmerChick

    A Homemade Christmas

    I love your challenge :lol: I already have all my presents purchased tho. I do holiday shopping now because I do want to enjoy the holidays with less stress and avoid stores in the rush time. Adults we just have a blast but kids get good Santa presents. We get together and have a feast...
  14. FarmerChick

    What Do You Think Is Essential?

    Whew. Thank goodness you have no say in how I plan to survive and move forward in hard times :) It is good to know you don't control it all in this world. I agree with the next stage of living and survival is important just to move your life into comfort after a diaster situation. The...
  15. FarmerChick

    What Do You Think Is Essential?

    In order to consider the term "essential" it is important to understand some basic facts. The human body, in order to be healthy requires nutrients in three main classifications, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate. These then are divided by percentages; fat=25%; Protein 20% and the rest...
  16. FarmerChick

    What Do You Think Is Essential?

    alot of protein and veg talking 6 months out about, I have alot of tuna, sardines, etc. canned. these have long expire dates which helps. we love it plus all our garden harvest we put up. we hunt and fish so fresh protein would hopefully still be available.
  17. FarmerChick

    Hello everyone

    :frow Hi and welcome to the forum.
  18. FarmerChick

    Most important character trait

    I agree with this! You need the above traits to make it in a harsh environment or situation. Know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em!
  19. FarmerChick

    Are we living our dreams?

    if you can buy up what is around you that is a great thing!! I bought 3/4 acre at a higher price cause I was determined to get it. gave me space on the side of my house property line that was despertately needed to keep away the neighbors encroachment. worth every penny :)