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    Solar Install - Story From Start To Finish

    WOW sounds great i have been thinking about getting solar but just don't know how to go about getting started make sure you take pictures of the process
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    Huge Artichoke bush (PIX)

    :thumbsup looks great enjoy!
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    Calling all goat people! Advice needed..icky pic!

    my goat did the same thing and about a week later she had her babies. i didn't know when she got bread but it looks like she is close. good luck!
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    Giant Poop Bubbles

    he could tape into it and change over his tractors and stuff to run off methane. he could save thousands of dollars in gas
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    Giant Poop Bubbles

    wow what an interesting story well he needs to pump the lagoons out. free fertilizer he should start spreading it now on his fields even if he is going to walk away from it all
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    Wisconsin/Zone 4 Planting times

    here is a link i use works great i think it is a link to the mother earth website i used it all last year and it was dead on. it tells you what to plant in each month for your zone. good luck hope this helps :thumbsup...
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    Okay smart pig people I have a question....

    i have three Yorkshire pigs they are about 5 months old they are around 150 pounds. if they are 80 pounds at 5 months old then they are growing slow are they the runts? how long ago did you worm them and what type of wormer did you use? and how much are you feeding them a day? the more you...
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    Miron's family farm journals

    ok here goes: 01. Name? Stephen 02. Gender?Male 03. Disneyworld or Disneyland? Disney world 04. What is your favorite color? Green 05. What is your favorite kind of gum? wintergreen 06. How much do you weigh? 190 07. How tall are you? i was 5'10 but i shrunk i am now 5'9 lol 08. Can you swim...
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    North Carolina anyone ?

    i am seconds from Taylorsville glad to see some people are from around here!
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    North Carolina anyone ?

    lenoir NC here anyone else close by? :weee
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    weaner pigs and too much sunshine?

    i have 7 pigs in a lot that is 27x 30 and it is not that bad smelling during the summer when it gets really hot like around July august i get about 10 feet from the pen i can smell them but i am used to it. i don't think it is that bad! :D the neighbors never complain only when they drive by...
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    weaner pigs, anyone feed them not using bagged pelleted feed?

    i buy my feed by the ton and it is made fresh i have to call it in a couple of days before pick up and they pour the feed in the bed of my truck and i have to unload it by hand. so far it looks more like grounded corn and wheat i have been pretty pleased so far
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    weaner pigs and too much sunshine?

    i have my pen out in the middle my garden and there is no shade at all i built them a little house so they could get out of the sun on hot days and they have a mud pit that they created there self that they all ways use to get cooled off during the summer. i use the muddy water to water my...
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    weaner pigs, anyone feed them not using bagged pelleted feed?

    i used crushed corn and soybean mixed last year on 4 feeder pigs worked great this year i am using pelleted feed seems to be doing good but not like the last 4 i did these ones seem to be growing slow do you think the meet will taste different ? why doesn't anyone want to use pellets?