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  1. DollDoctor

    Dairy Farming

    If you are interested in dairy farming for a living (or just keeping a cow for your family) here is a very interesting blog post from The Contrary Farmer:
  2. DollDoctor

    Official Poll : What project are you planning to start this 2016?

    I have been planning to buy a pressure canner for a couple of years, but haven't done it yet. This year will definitely be the year. Also, I make a lot of things from scratch, but bread isn't one of them, and that's going to change this year too. Got a nice bread board for Christmas!
  3. DollDoctor

    Frozen potatoes

    I discovered today that I accidentally put some potatoes in the freezer (raw, whole, with the skins on). Are they useless for anything but compost now? Or is there something I can still do with them once they thaw out?
  4. DollDoctor

    help coloring my hair

    If you want natural brown hair color, you use a combination of henna and indigo. Henna makes your hair red, indigo makes it blue, but together they are a beautiful brown. I have used it before, stopped for awhile because I was broke, but am ready to order some more. The indigo fades a little...
  5. DollDoctor

    Squash Vine Borers

    I just figured out that the reason my buttercup squash plants are all wilted is due to squash vine borers. I never had them before, so I thought they just needed watering. Unfortunately, it is too late to save most of the plants, but there are a number of good sized squashes on them. Will they...
  6. DollDoctor

    Candle making question

    Wow, I never even thought about the can. I think the idea of using a tuna can is that it's low and wide, and lightweight. But you have made a good point, I will look around for some glass jars instead. Thanks.
  7. DollDoctor

    Candle making question

    I have been saving up tuna cans and scraps of cardboard to make some emergency stoves, however I have to be mindful of my husband's asthma. Do these create a lot of smoke? Which type of wax should I use to create the least air pollution?
  8. DollDoctor

    How many people here are prepared for an emergency?

    Woefully unprepared for any emergency. Living paycheck to paycheck it is hard to stock up on things, and anything big like a generator or wood stove is totally out of the question. Right now we are concentrating more on getting out of debt and just keeping fingers crossed. Once we reach that...
  9. DollDoctor

    Washing clothes by hand?

    I don't have a washing machine at the moment so sometimes I do undies, socks and shirts by hand if I don't feel like trekking to the laundromat. Hubby was critical of the idea at first - "will they get clean enough?" but once he saw the results he shut up. I don't think washing machines get...
  10. DollDoctor

    Anyone make or use shampoo bars?

    I use Liggett's, but glad to have the recipe, as I would like to try making my own. In the shower, I keep my bar on a shelf up overhead so no water splashes on it. Seems to last longer that way.
  11. DollDoctor

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    Hmmm... maybe I will cut them off the cobs and see if I can get them to dry further. Thanks!
  12. DollDoctor

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I found some ears of corn in the back of the fridge that were kinda dried out, so I thought about drying them to grind for the chickens in the winter. I found some instructions online that said to take the husks off and put the ears on the oven racks, heat for 8 hours at a low temp. I have had...
  13. DollDoctor

    Things I Learned While Processing Chickens

    I did better with the second two today! Only cut myself a little! Learned another lesson - make sure you test to see if they are scalded enough by pulling on a wing feather. I didn't dunk quite long enough, the body feathers came off fine but the wing feathers were tough.
  14. DollDoctor

    How long to keep them in the fridge?

    Thanks animalfarm!
  15. DollDoctor

    Sheep Vs. Goat's Vs. Cows

    I have thought about raising Icelandic sheep when we get up to the farm. They are very hardy in this environment (Maine) and come in a variety of colors. But DH doesn't like lamb, and I'm not really interested in breeding them just to sell. Can't stand the taste of goat milk. So, it would...
  16. DollDoctor

    How long to keep them in the fridge?

    I remember reading that after processing chickens you don't want to put them in the freezer right away, you want to keep them in the fridge for a day or so while they are rigor mortising or whatever. But I can't find that info now. How long should I wait? Thanks!
  17. DollDoctor

    Things I Learned While Processing Chickens

    Good one, Emerald!
  18. DollDoctor

    Things I Learned While Processing Chickens

    Last year I was part of a group processing chickens, but today I did my first two all by myself. Here are some things I learned. 1. Have a good supply of bandaids and bactine on hand. 2. Wyandottes are a "dual purpose" breed only if you don't eat much. 3. Have a big enough pot to scald the...
  19. DollDoctor

    How do I post a link?

    Maybe I had a space in there and that's why it didn't work. Thank you!
  20. DollDoctor

    How do I post a link?

    I must be stupid today, I can't figure out how to post a link on this forum. I tried the "word link" button, and also using regular html ("a href" etc) but when I preview, it just shows the text and not as a link. Please help.