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    Stimulus Checks???

    Us too, well I took $300 out of it to buy curriculum... but the rest went to propane company
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    Soup Recipes--Your Fav!

    I've only followed a recipe for soup once, and it was a Spanish Bean Soup is what they called it. Made w/ garbonzo beans, potatoes, onions, chorizo, saffron (I think) chicken stock/broth, and a pigs foot (isn't there some other term for it? ham hock?) Put it all in a crock in the a.m., ready...
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    Automatic dishwasher soap

    I know this was discussed on here somewhere already. I think a combination of borax and the arm and hammer washing soda was used? Not sure? Or just one of them? Try doing a search on the forum for it.... sorry, not much help for ya, but I know it's here somewhere! :)
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    Convection Ovens

    Our oven is propane, so I was trying to do alot w/ my teeny toaster oven for meal prep.. took forever (b/c it's small and there's 7 of us usually) so they had the countertop convenction oven on sale in the Spring for a good price, went to the store and they were sold out. Got a rain check, had...
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    Prices that make you go OUCH!!!!!

    FarmerChick.. LOL on the Glade airfresheners! Where's all the good coupons? The big store I frequent for groceries does this buy 10 for $10 and get the 11th item free... and you can mix and match things throughout the store. Well they're still doing this... but the items have gotten...
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    The Many Uses of Breastmilk

    LMBO! That's just too funny! Nah... they'd use the milking equipment that was used on the cows.. and just hook up the women out in the barn! (so they could be in a natural environment)
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    Thanks Arrow, for sharing this information w/ us! I'll try to browse through it tonight! I know my mom would be interested as well!
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    Can I see your bread? Post your loaf's photo.

    I don't have any photos, and am leaving out of town tomorrow, so no baking any bread b4 then. I'm sure I'll forget when I get back, unless this thread is real active. Just wanted to describe mine, compared to yours. My crust looks a little thinner/flakier. And the center of mine looks as...
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    Local Business Closing

    Our township has been fighting for a few years, and have gone to court, to keep out Meijer's. There is now "town" here, we're in the middle of nowhere. There was a lumber store that went out of business. There is a small grocery store w/ prices triple of what you pay if you go to Meijer's in...
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    Food Storage Challenge

    I know our store varies by cashier as to what the policy is! Seriously! Some could care less, and say "well, we'll try it, if the computer let's them run through, then we're good" Others just say "no, we're not allowed to accept those" etc... I purposely try to go to the younger punky...
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    The Many Uses of Breastmilk

    LOL! I can't believe this thread is still going! Like the energizer bunny... keeps going and going and going... I think people are so "grossed out" by the whole human milk thing is b/c our society has made breasts a sexual body part, and only sees them as that. That being said, I have...
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    Washing soda

    If the store you frequent doesn't carry it, ask to speak with whoever is in charge of order. (at mine it was the pharmacist) you can request items to be ordered. If it's an odd item, they may ask you to purchase the whole case. But I doubt they would for soap! It's worth a shot!
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    Food Storage Challenge

    I do, and whatever I don't cook that day, I freeze.
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    what did I miss?

    :lau :gig We can't get OUT of this stage w/ my 8yo. I've gotten so frustrated, I tell him to go in the woods! He ignores me, but still wish he could. He plugs the toilet up at least 3 times a week. :barnie The wallet disassembling is funny! It reminds me of my 2.5 yo about a year ago...
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    smoking or Not.......

    You're doing so great, Roosmom! Keep it up! And hey, did I read over on BYC you got you first egg? Or am I getting all confused on people/places? If so, congrats! If not, Sorry for mistaken identity! LOL! I'm way behind on both sites, and was trying to read/catch up last night, but was...
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    Winter Blues

    Hi Dace, I learned to knit a couple months ago by watching videos online. Just do a google search and alot of links will pop up. I tried a couple before I found an easy to follow one!
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    Stupid Time??

    :yuckyuck OMGosh.. I have tears rollin' down my cheeks from LOL so hard at these! Just classic! That's so hilariuos!
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    Sufficent Self Moderators

    Well I have a busy week, and I miss all sorts of stuff! Congrats Reinbeau! I feel I'll never catch up w/ all I missed, and have to go out of town again this week! yikes! Y'all need to PM me to keep me updated w/ the biggies! :)
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    Cabbage recipes?

    Oh these recipes sound so good! I'm glad there are other cabbage lovers out there besides me! Only one of my kids will eat it w/ me. Nobody else in the family will. LOVE cabbage!
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    Walmart - yarn sell out

    Sweeet! Thanks for sharing! I was just by there today, wish I'd known sooner! I'll have to check between appts this week! I do hope ours has some!