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  1. HomesteaderWife

    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    What kind of mill are you running Creal? He is looking at : AC-4449 from Cooks LT50 from Wood-Mizer 2020 from TimberKing
  2. HomesteaderWife

    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    @CrealCritter - Hey are you still active here? Wanted to ask some sawmill and woodworking questions! Husband and I are looking to upgrade to a bigger mill and want to see if you or anyone around you has experience with Cooks sawmills or any of the model #s we are looking at across brands
  3. HomesteaderWife

    Remembering Sumi

    Oh goodness, so sorry to arrive back and hear about Wifezilla passing. So many wonderful members and important faces that the BYC/BYH/TEG/SS communities have lost. I still think of sumi when I log on. Hope all is well for her son. I went to try and see photos on her blog the other day to find...
  4. HomesteaderWife

    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    @CrealCritter - I thought I may have seen you mention this one time, but I'm just getting back on SS. How do you dry your lumber? We're finally expanding what we do and looking at how to kiln dry the wood. Would love some input. Also, have you ever had luck reaching out to any tree services...
  5. HomesteaderWife

    The Trail Camera

    Someone's donkey broke lose awhile back and I started seeing a donkey on the trail cam :lol:
  6. HomesteaderWife

    I am selling pet bandanas and possibly chicken hoods!

    Would love to see photos of these :) @MistyWeeg13
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    HomesteaderWife's Crafting & Sawmilling Adventures

    @baymule - We called a bunch of folks last year looking for cattle parts and as best as I can tell they already have pickups. Whether it be the hide/tallow factory or individuals. I usually pick up deer heads on occasion and always a bunch of hides/legs as much as I can handle at a time. I don’t...
  8. HomesteaderWife

    HomesteaderWife's Crafting & Sawmilling Adventures

    October 4th, 2020: Set up something interesting to go to the craft sale. My husband ran some big slices of Black Walnut branch segments through the planer. I kept thinking on what to do with it, and said darn if they didn't remind me of a taxidermy base somehow. I had a 2019 adult male raccoon...
  9. HomesteaderWife

    HomesteaderWife's Crafting & Sawmilling Adventures

    @flowerbug - I’ve actually got some sawmills pieces that were uneven trim offs I saved specifically for my first attempts at spoon making. I have a wood carving set on the Christmas wish list LOL! @baymule - We’ve tried a bunch around us, but most of them are so darn expensive and as goofy as...
  10. HomesteaderWife

    HomesteaderWife's Crafting & Sawmilling Adventures

    I was inspired by the @CrealCritter at the Crealbilly Wood Working thread and encouraged by @baymule so here goes nothing - a place to share recent experiences with our sawmill and different wood based/crafting projects. By no means am I an expert or have any skill at what I do, LOL! But thanks...
  11. HomesteaderWife

    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    @baymule - I sure will! I’m very excited to get it planed and put some scraps to use along with making furniture and door.
  12. HomesteaderWife

    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    @CrealCritter - Luckily the logs sat and dried here with no issues and look good on the inside, so cutting them has been no issue as they're really dried out. It was a shame to know they had cut such a massive tree, but gratefully we plan to put it all to use. Even the outside pieces and parts...
  13. HomesteaderWife

    Bamboo for Homestead Use

    Husband's Grandfather planted a few shoots years ago and they took off. Make great bean poles/fishing poles. Great decorative "fence". Multiple folks have come and bought trailer loads from us and it regrows like crazy.
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    Crealbilly Wood Working thread

    @CrealCritter - Getting back into this thread as we get back into working with our sawmill. Haven't been back through the thread, but do you have experience making cutting boards? We were extremely blessed with two big Black Walnut logs and we're making our cabin door, maybe a table or two, and...
  15. HomesteaderWife

    [S] Buckskin

    @wyoDreamer - They have different thicknesses across the hide but it's nowhere as thick as cow hide. The areas around the back and neck of the hide are thickest, and the belly region is the thin part. The belly would be the thinnest part you could get. With it being smoked, however, it may leave...
  16. HomesteaderWife


    Wish I was canning some cucumbers right now for pickles but sadly our seed all went bad at some point, so basically nothing save two corn stalks and one watermelon came up. (Of course, the gourds came up on their own again for the fifth year in a row by the shop!) I love putting up just plain...
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    Wood ash is good for removing hair from hides but you better save up a big amount of it! It took a whole lot for us to dehair deer hides year before last. Also, you will want to sift it and make sure to have no charcoal in there as it will mark the flesh side of the hide up and it's extremely...
  18. HomesteaderWife

    Cleaning a Deer Skull

    I know I'm late to post, but maybe it can help someone else later on. I've tried to put a deer skull in an ant bed a few times, and somehow no matter what we do a critter comes along and takes off with it. I've even put heavy weighted buckets over the mound and skull, only to catch a dog in the...
  19. HomesteaderWife

    [S] Buckskin

    Should've updated to say that I still have about 3 pieces left that are now smoked. I've used alot of the rest of it for various projects including a new bag (see photos for some stuff made this year with this buckskin). If anyone is interested in them - let me know anytime.
  20. HomesteaderWife

    Surprising uses for cucumbers

    We miss you, dear sumi. Thank you for this wonderful tidbit - may we use it for years to come.