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  1. annmarie

    What is on your "LIST" (Food aversions)

    Mustard, olives, beets, lima beans, peaches (with the fuzzy skin on, ugh, I get goose bumps just typing this), ketchup in large quantities (or when people put in on foods that it doesnt belong on) and any meat because Im a vegetarian, but even before I was a vegetarian, I could never be in the...
  2. annmarie

    Where is the homemade Captain Morgans recipe?

    Is this the one you're referring to? I'm glad you brought it up, I know someone this would make a great Christmas present for (besides myself!).
  3. annmarie

    Which Is The Cheapest State To Buy Acreage In?

    I suggest you take a look at the Central New York area (around Chenango, Otsego and Broome counties). The land is extremely cheap there mostly due to the fact that it was, until a few years ago, dominated by beautiful old dairy farms that have now gone under. The old farms are all being...
  4. annmarie

    How do you use sauerkraut?

    APPLE REUBENS! My favorite. :love Grill 2 pieces of buttered sourdough or rye with a good healthy dose of swiss or cheddar, thin slices of a tart apple (like a mac), thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut.
  5. annmarie

    Vintage manuel powered push to sharpen blades?

    You need to get grinding or lapping compound from an auto parts store and follow the directions at the bottom of this page. Happy Leave it to Beaver mowing!
  6. annmarie

    Home heating the old fashioned (free) way!

    Thanks so much for trying the experiment and posting your results! I'm so glad to hear it worked out as well as it did. I'm the one that originally posted this topic and I'm never on here anymore but I just happened to check out the site this morning and there was your post on something I...
  7. annmarie

    So how are you, really?

    I'm busy with work because things at work have become very stressful and very hectic in the past month due a major "restructuring" that led to a lot of job eliminations that fortunately my husband and I both managed to avoid. This is why no one really hears from me on here anymore, no time, and...
  8. annmarie

    Let's talk about recycling canning jars..........

    If you ask a by-the-book canning expert, they will tell you to never use old mayonaise or any other kind of jar that was made for grocery store items because the glass isn't strong enough to endure the canning process. Of course, there's also lots of people out there that say they use them and...
  9. annmarie

    Signs of spring in your area?

    My chickens had their first dustbath in months today! Okay, it was more of a mudbath, and there was only about a 7 inch wide gap in the ice and snow that melted so they had to take turns, but still, they were thrilled!!! :weee Oh, and I'm definitely hearing more bird species out there these...
  10. annmarie

    An amazing quote.

    And maybe it did prolong the depression, but that possible extra year or two brought the country out of the depression a better country, with policies that we still benefit from today, and ensured that the conditions that led to the depression in the first place (esp. lack of corporate...
  11. annmarie

    An amazing quote.

    It didn't. The worst of the Great Depression occured prior to Roosevelt taking office. That argument has as much merit as saying that World War II caused World War I.
  12. annmarie

    Scared after the Senate passed of the new "Stimulous" package "rant"

    I'm gone for a week and Reinbeau becomes a staunch Obama supporter. Well whaddya know?! :ep
  13. annmarie

    Scared after the Senate passed of the new "Stimulous" package "rant"

    Having spent the past week here at work watching the majority of my co-workers (which is why you haven't seen me around) pack up their desks after having their jobs eliminated, with no new jobs to go to, and their health insurance ending soon, I realize that something must be done. I don't know...
  14. annmarie

    Documentary to watch

    "Escape from Suburbia" is actually a sequal to the documentary "The End of Suburbia". I thought both were great and they certainly affected me. I highly recommend them both. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch Escape from Suburbia instantly on your computer, but you have to get End of...
  15. annmarie

    The fight . . .

    :lol: Funny! They remind of this joke I once told my husband when he was trying to give me the silent treatment. It totally destroyed his warfare style! ;) A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized...
  16. annmarie

    Advice Needed on Value Added Products

    I think mixed greens are a really good idea because you can have them ready to sell before much other fresh produce is available. If you do this, package it in clear bags and grow a lot of edible flowers and mix it in with the greens. It will make for a very colorful, eyecatching presentation...
  17. annmarie

    Self hatred

    I believe very strongly in the mind-body connection. It's interesting this topic has come up because I'm facing my own little personal angst lately. I've never (since being an adult) been the type of person to obsess over my weight too much and like everyone else, I've been through periods of...
  18. annmarie

    Attn. New Englanders/Northeast people

    February 14th and 15 is the NOFA Winter Conference in Randolph Vermont. It looks like it's going to be really informative for any of us SS people. The hard part will be picking and choosing which workshops to attend. I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to go yet, but I really hope I'll be able to...
  19. annmarie

    Budgeting for groceries

    I like to mix up a bowl of different frozen fruits (peaches, berries, whatever) and keep it in the refrigerator this time of year when there is no local fruit available. It's great just to eat as a fruit cocktail, or with yogurt or cottage cheese.
  20. annmarie

    Budgeting for heat

    You might want to consider getting off that "budget" plan altogether. Those plans are pretty awful for budgeting because it's basically a way of saying to the customer (you) "don't worry about how much oil you use, just keep shelling out cash and we'll make sure your bill gets covered". If...