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  1. Wildsky

    Where were you???

    I was 9, I remember seeing the newspaper headline at the little store on my way to school (probably buying candy). Didn't make much difference to me... :/
  2. Wildsky

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I have sliced some meat and its "bathing" in marinade - will be ready to pop in tomorrow morning for some YUMMY jerky later in the day.
  3. Wildsky

    COLORADO Chicken Party in Aug/Sep 2011

    A little far for me, but I'll mail you my nasty dang mean ducks........... :rolleyes:
  4. Wildsky

    Is it really......

    :drool my hubby made milkshakes the other night, he used to work at Dairy Queen many many moons ago - he still knows how to crank out a fantastic shake!
  5. Wildsky

    "Fast Food" ideas...getting a healthy meal together FAST & on the fly!

    If my hubby doesn't eat left overs I put things like stew etc. into canning jars and freeze em... they can be defrosted pretty quick by putting in cold water and slowly warming it up adding hot water. Lately I haven't wanted to cook because its so darn hot. I did make a tuna noodle salad the...
  6. Wildsky

    Is it really......

    We normally barely hit 100 in the summer, but never ever for so many days in a row - and there is no relief in sight! We've been just over 100 every day this week so far, and next week is looking similar! :somad
  7. Wildsky

    Definition of Hysterics should be...

    Try getting a harness on a baby pig. :rolleyes:
  8. Wildsky

    Need imput/approval regarding new official journal "questions" list...

    I still wish folks would write more in normal threads, with a clear subject line, I don't have the time to get into everyone's journals, and I just know I'm missing some good stuff. I prefer things in their own little threads - that can be easily found and read, just a few pages instead of...
  9. Wildsky

    Wannabefree...guess what I got in the mail today!?!?!?!?

    I do the same now and then. Its good to take breaks from things and spend time doing something else.... take care
  10. Wildsky

    We have Pig!

    We just got one a week ago as well, as a pet, not breakfast.. :lol: To keep them small you need to feed them food for Mini pigs, not regular swine feed. Swine food will make them grow bigger faster. 1/2 cup of food twice a day for a mini pig. (I posted pic's of our little girl in my...
  11. Wildsky

    Price of tomatoes at your local stands

    Nothing yet at our market, its still a bit early - I'll check tomorrow, the market is every saturday through September... I stopped a couple of weeks back, but there wasn't anything fresh veggie wise or fruit, all folks had were jams and things like that.
  12. Wildsky

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I think I read somewhere someone using the plastic cling film stuff...
  13. Wildsky

    Mandie's Jersey Journey

    You still have some time, so don't stress out. The baby will take care of the first few days, you don't need to dive under there and milk her right away! So relax and just enjoy getting to see a baby born! (and do keep a camera handy!!)
  14. Wildsky

    Boot Birdhouse

    :lol: Those are so cute! I think my hubby's boots have holes in em big enough for a bird to get in!
  15. Wildsky

    Help a sister out, please! (Operation~Find Sam a Friend!)

    Is the area safe? A few folks around here will have a "camp-out" of sorts, with tents up in their yard...LOL you can have a bonfire or something along those lines as well.... and there is always the bathroom inside they can use etc...
  16. Wildsky

    What are you DEHYDRATING today?

    I have apples and roll-ups going again today... :lol: those are so popular, they don't even last long enough to put in a bag! :rolleyes: I am just itching for my apple's to ripen on the tree - we have HUNDREDS that are the size of golfballs right now.
  17. Wildsky

    Scored some free onions!

    Thats when you need a dehydrator or someone close by with one.
  18. Wildsky

    homemade popsicles

    You could try blending up fruit into an apple sauce texture and freeze or add yogurt and freeze.
  19. Wildsky

    homemade popsicles

    Mix it with a little less water, I also use Jello powder to make some, I haven't got the quantity right yet, you need to mix it with MORE liquid than asked for on the jello packet. I mix a 3oz packet of jello with a cup of hot water, a cup of cold water and then add fruit juice (2 cups) THe...