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    "ANYONE" ; know where I can buy MIDGET-WHITE , hatching egg's ? (besides SandsPoultry) They are extremely hard to find . POST here and E-mail me please . THANKYOU .......... ALANB. :)
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    A new adventure!!! JAM MAKING!!!

    GIRLS ; I have never canned anything in my life , but I'm striving to became "A Sufficient Self" and I wish to learn !!! give me some hands on hints ? by post and e-mail please . Thankyou ....... , ALANB. :)
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    You will never guess what is in my barn right now!!!! Now with Pics!!!

    :) MISS_the north ; I thought Sheeps or goats milk made the best cheese ? Have you ever tried making butter from goats-milk ? I have and never succeeded !! Takes a week just to seperate , Advise me if you can , (E-mail Please . Thankyou ......... ALANB.
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    KELJONMA ; What got my interest was the two acres !! I live on the same spread with an additional 1/2 in an old river bed with brush I use for goat shade and brousing . I love to write about self sufficiency , and hope you would like a pen-pal , (I WOULD) I love fresh-cold -Goats milk and...
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    Ohiofarmgirl'sAdventuresinTheGoodLand-where ya been? whatcha been doin

    OHIO FARM GIRL ; Correct me if I'm wrong on this , If you stop milking Nibbles now or have dreyed her up sooner , won't that give her time to prepare for the new Birth's ? ........... ALANb.
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    Our TWO ACRES into a self sufficient farm

    ELDERWOOD ; Forget the Cow !!! you can feed six Goats for what one cow will eat . I have lived on 2-1/2 Acres for 20 years , Have my own milk-Meat-eggs- Fruit and Veggies . You will find it to be "MUCH" more work than a regular job , But the challenge and end result are worth IT ...
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    Our TWO ACRES into a self sufficient farm

    CJ PARKER ; I love Fresh-cold goats milk , and Ice cream . BUT my desire is to make goats milk Butter . I have tried without succese !! , even bought a new daisy churn , But it takes a week just for the cream to seperate . Advise me please , Thankyou .......... , ALANB. :)
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    My new Correll Cider Press!

    :) MOUNTAIN MOM ; Do you think you Cider Press would be srong enough for Pomegranete's ? and would you be willing to try and advise me ? Thankyou ........ , ALANB.
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    Baby pigs $40?

    FANCY ; Added note , I have seen Pigs as high as $60.00 , for nice ones and Low as $5.00 in bad market times , When feed is too High !!! BUT there is no better meat than your own home raised knowing what they have been fed . When you buy , Pick the ones with the most Body-leanth , for the...
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    Baby pigs $40?

    :) FANCY / DEB ; Two pigs will always Grow and gain faster than one , they will fight over the feed and NO !! Two pigs or twenty they take the same amount of time to feed . BUT They have snouts the strenth of an Elephant and will go under any Chain link If not buried and re-inforced ...
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    :) Under every one of these Posted by Headings it follows with E-mail and PM , I took that as an invination !!! O.K. I'm learning , I'm not too old for that LOL . BUT it sure takes away from making friends , I'll use "I-Dig'' for the best example where all the members trade back and forth...
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    weaner pigs, anyone feed them not using bagged pelleted feed?

    :) I raised pigs for years . At two litters a year their is no faster money !! BUT , They are also the most work !!! Alfalfa pasture is the best , If you don't have pasture give them good baled Hay as a filler . Corn , Cracked or soaked , otherwise it is wasted and go's right thru them ...
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    Ugh... Broke and struggling... Ideas anyone?

    Tanks Hill ; Gina has the right idea . your biggest expense in the Lap-top , What's wrong with a simple , economical P.C. , even a phone connection ? That's what I use , The Key word is cut down on expenses and "Wash" some diapers are you above that ? I'm retired on minimum S.S. but I have...
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    Selling Eggs?

    BRUCE ; Old California LAW , still on the books !!! we can sell anything we raise on the Farm site . but not to a restaurant , Then you get into a never ending jackpot of inspections etc: better to stay away . If you have a good product , just like food , The people will find you...
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    Selling Eggs?

    :) Rebbeca ; You Silly GIRL . try and re-coup your feed expense !!! The local feed store sells for $2.50 a dozen . I sell mine for $5.00 in 18 count cartons , less work and six more Eggs just looks better to the customer . I pack the clean ones and keep the un-clean for myself . The most...