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  1. Hattie the Hen


    I have used both paraffin & beeswax to seal jars of chutney, to stop them drying out. I lay a a disk of waxed paper(sold here in the UK for topping jam. Then I pour meted wax on top & make sure it seals to the glass. Then I top with a screw top. It keeps the chutney very moist & stops the vingar...
  2. Hattie the Hen

    Does anyone do their canning in jars that have glass lids?

    Hi Moolie, Maybe the information on this site might be of help to you; there are a lot of links to yet more info contained on it. I am a Brit living in the UK & over 70 so I remember both my grandmother & mother using these jars (trade name here is...
  3. Hattie the Hen

    Toenail fungus

    Sometime back ( a few months ago) I posted that I was experimenting with various old ideas for curing this problem (which I had suffered from for about five years). Well, I have to report SUCCESS !!! :celebrate I started adding vinegar to my bath water & I noticed a slight improvement after a...
  4. Hattie the Hen

    Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Foods

    ORChick if you are still researching info on these ferments this might interest you....I found it when researching dosas the other day The comments at the bottom of the article are very interesting too ...
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    annaraven - more random update stuph

    :frow Hi DD :lol: :hu It was very early in the morning over here in the UK & it was lasagne that I fancied & that would have taken me at least 3 hours to defrost& cook the meat & assemble the lasagne plus heat it instead I compromised & finished up the braised rabbit &...
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    annaraven - more random update stuph

    :frow Oh.....I definitely agree...!! I sometimes use rabbit or duck livers in the same way....I save them up in the freezer. I often add bits of crispy bacon at the end, on top of the pasta. Here in the UK I can but giant packs of smoked bacon mis-cuts which are so cheap & delicious. Anna...
  7. Hattie the Hen

    Too much cabbage. Help?

    :frow Hi Anna, Here are a pile of recipes from over here in the UK. Metric measurements but you are used to them.....!! :D
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    TanksHill...Roll on!!

    :frow Tankshill, CONGRATS on the turkey egg & may you have many more. I hope your tom gets the idea......... ;) I am inundated with chicken eggs at the moment & I have a whole bunch of pullets coming up to point of lay. Luckily I have asked around & found some customers for any surplus eggs I...
  9. Hattie the Hen

    Ohiofarmgirl'sAdventuresinTheGoodLand-where ya been? whatcha been doin

    :frow :frow Hi Gina, I'm fine now the 5 weeks of snow & ice has gone.....that was grim! I hope you are good too? I keep up with what is going on here, even if I don't post much. I check up on you all most days............!!! :ep Hattie
  10. Hattie the Hen

    Ohiofarmgirl'sAdventuresinTheGoodLand-where ya been? whatcha been doin

    :frow ofg, I thought you might like this blog with it's tasty porkiness........:lol: I have just been rounding up my previously free ranging cockerels & getting them penned up so I can feed them up a little...
  11. Hattie the Hen

    need pep talk for cooking some nice lamb loin chops

    :frow Pat, I like the old fashioned way of serving red-currant jelly with lamb or even rowan-berry jelly. I hope this year my little tree which I planted from a seed will have enough berries for a few mix it with apple to get a good set. The tree is now 6ft tall. Traditionally it...
  12. Hattie the Hen

    Edwardian Farm - Update post 1!

    :frow Hi BB, Hugh is now doing another campaign......this time on fishing & the huge amount of fish which is just thrown back, dead.........>> Hattie
  13. Hattie the Hen

    Edwardian Farm - Update post 1!

    :frow Yes, I remember it.......about life on the land in the 17th Century. Here is some info on it........>>
  14. Hattie the Hen

    Edwardian Farm - Update post 1!

    :frow Hi there, I have been looking on the internet over here in the UK & I have found some interesting extra bits of info on Ruth Goodman & the programme. I thought you might be interested.......>> *** This is info given out by her agent...
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    window covers

    :frow Here, try these. :D Hope they help. :frow Hattie
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    need pep talk for cooking some nice lamb loin chops

    :frow Over here in the UK we , of course, eat a lot of it..... :drool So there are masses of recipes on British sites. The BBC have their own food recipe lists, with tested dishes by well known cooks who appear on their programmes. Just remember they are in metric measurements.... :D...
  17. Hattie the Hen

    Staying home now...what ways can I save money over working?

    :frow Recently I have been reading a blog written by an English woman here in the UK. She feeds a family of 5 (plus the odd friend or two of her children) on 30 per week.......that is $47.64 US. I think this is remarkable as she buys most of the food. She cooks mostly from scratch & provides...
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    Camp Chef Cast Iron

    I totally appreciate your point of view......after all I prefer not to buy many US products which are made & marketed by companies who I don't trust, say in the agricultural area .... ;) , but I don't blanket all US companies as being suspect, dishonest & most of all, evil. I am just suggesting...
  19. Hattie the Hen

    Camp Chef Cast Iron

    Now I realise I maybe very unpopular in making these remarks (especially as I am an outsider member of this forum) but although I sincerely respect your right to choose where you buy your utensils from, I would like to point out that the US (along with a lot of other countries, including my own)...
  20. Hattie the Hen

    Hey free, check this out! (Fireless cooking info)

    Many, many years ago, when I was in the girl guides we used "hay boxes" to cook some our meals when camping. These boxes were also used for cooking & keeping food hot on huge game shoots on large estates in the 19th & 20th centuries. I have transported large pots of stew hundreds of miles to a...