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  1. creativetwinszoo

    Skills to know?

    So on the topic of prepardness and its many forms~ Housespouse n I were talking the other day about if a dire shtf situation occurred what would be good skills to know? Say hypothetically there was some sort of major collapse or fallout of gov, military and state that would take some months to...
  2. creativetwinszoo

    my rabbit is sick

    I'm not sure if I should post this here (if not, please let me know I'll post in right place!!) OK here goes One of my rabbits, smokey I think has an inner ear infection. From what I've read and researched on its very likely. (I unfortunately do not have any cash to go to the vet at this...
  3. creativetwinszoo

    CreativeTwinsZoo's journal of self sufficancy

    Hi everyone! Just starting here and what better way for Q and A's than lovely journals??? OK, to start of with a name, Creativetwinszoo is my name! :) Where I live? In a house my twin and I just got at the beggining of the year (not super big, but great begginer home for sure!) We have...
  4. creativetwinszoo

    I lurked, and scoped, heard good things and read fun things and decided to join! :)

    Wow! Super long title!!! So sorry everyone ^_^; Anyways! My name is Creativetwins zoo!!! I decided to join as my twin, myhouseisazoo2 joined awhile ago and has liked the community so far! (Plus as I stated in the title of long doom- I skulked around and liked what I saw :D ) I'm interested in...