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  1. woodwzrd

    Wedding Cake Pic

    A few weeks ago already I had posted pics in the "what are you dehydrating" thread of some hand-made edible maple leaves that my DW was making for a wedding cake. After all was said and done she made 150 leaves and used about 120 on the cake. The cake was a white cake with antique white butter...
  2. woodwzrd

    Lymes Disease

    DW was diagnosed with Lymes about a week ago. She is on antibiotics but is experiencing flare-ups. She wastold that the symptoms would most likely get worse before they get better. Has anyone been through this or know someone who has? I really need some advice or some type of home remedy help on...
  3. woodwzrd

    Excaliber Dehydrator I Got It

    I am looking at a excaliber 9 tray dehydrator and they are asking $125 for it. Is that a fair price? I have access to about three 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes and would really like to dry some of them but don't have a dehydrator.
  4. woodwzrd

    Mushroom treat- Another good haul

    DW went on a 2 day backpack trip and brought me home a present. sulfur shelf or chicken of the woods mushroom top view bottom view This is just half of one of two mushrooms growing on one tree. I will be sauteing and freezing part of it and dehydrating the rest to make mushroom powder and...
  5. woodwzrd

    I tried Kefir for the first time tonight

    So I am at the grocery store tonight and I noticed in the dairy section they had Lifeway kefir. Thanks to every one here I have been curious about it and had to buy some. They had blueberry, strawberry and one other flavor and I settled on the blueberry. When I got home I opened it up and tried...
  6. woodwzrd

    Drop Spindles anyone?

    I just finished making a batch of drop spindles for a friend that is teaching a spinning class and I have 5 extra. The wheels are turned out of a piece of reclaimed barn timber so they do have character from some bolt holes. I would like to get $5.00 a piece for them but I love to barter so I...
  7. woodwzrd

    what to do with surplus potatoes

    Ok so I am trying to plan ahead this year. There is a farmer near me that grows a lot of potatoes and after he harvests them the fields are open for gleaning. Last year I gathered two large totes full of spuds but before we could use them up they froze and went bad. My problem is I do not have a...
  8. woodwzrd

    cantalope emergency

    I was in WalMart tonight and bought 5 really nice cantaloupes for $.50 a piece. My family loves this luscious melon and I am looking for some creative ideas how to preserve it. I would like to go back tomorrow and purchase more but I just am not sure what I can do with it other than eat it...