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  1. Woodland Woman

    Dog Breeding

    How do I go about finding stud service for my toy poodle? The breeder I got her from was going to help breed her but since then has downsized and has no unrelated males. Another only offers expensive artificial insemination. I am in Missouri on the east side of the state. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Woodland Woman

    Question about Canning Tomato Sauce

    I was thinking of putting my tomatoes through the blender instead of skinning them first for making tomato sauce to save time. My mil does this and claims it turns out the same. Have you ever done this? Any recommendations?
  3. Woodland Woman

    Why didn't lids seal?

    I pressure canned 2 batches of chili. Out of both batches only one jar sealed. I have canned chili before without a problem Why wouldn't the lids seal?
  4. Woodland Woman

    Is it normal for a percolator to......

    make weird, very loud clicking type noises when you first plug it in? I have used a stove top percolator for years and recently got an electric one. When I first plug it in it makes strange noises for a while until it starts actually percolating. Is this normal or do I have a defective...
  5. Woodland Woman

    How Do I Feed My Laying Hens Non GMO?

    I decided a few years ago not to eat any gmo food myself or feed it to my family. Lately it has been bothering me that I feed layer, game bird and scratch to my hens that most probably contain gmo grains. I was told they mix up all the corn, soy etc. so you can't know if there are any...
  6. Woodland Woman

    Stewed Pears with Raisins

    I am looking for a recipe for stewed pears with raisins to can. I didn't get a lot of pears to can this year so I want to do something different. I can just guess but should I soak the raisins first? How long to process?
  7. Woodland Woman

    I Need a New Gluten Free Bread Recipe

    Anyone have a good gluten free bread recipe? I haven't made any gluten free bread for a long time. I used to have a good recipe but I can't figure it out now. Sometimes you just need bread. :D These are the flours I have on hand: Brown rice flour Buckwheat Sorghum Amaranth Tapioca Potato...
  8. Woodland Woman

    Any recommendations for an ear infection?

    My 13 year old has an ear infection and I am reluctant to give her antibiotics for multiple reasons. One is you get rid of all the good flora too and I have been working very hard to build up her good flora and she is doing better now. The ping pong effect. It seems if you take antibiotics...
  9. Woodland Woman

    Would you eat......

    a duck that has a puncture wound from a hawk? This is the second time a hawk got one of my ducks! I found it right after it happened. Well, I bleed it and plucked it but I found a puncture wound. Would you eat it?
  10. Woodland Woman

    Food Processors

    I need to get a new food processor. Any recommendations? I would like one that is easy to take the top on and off and has enough capacity.
  11. Woodland Woman

    This is the Time of Year to Stock Up on Candles!

    Try and catch the after Christmas sales. I got a lot of candles for 50% off! :celebrate I also got walnuts, chestnuts, and sun dried figs from the grocery store 75% off today! What are some other things we can get good deals on this time of year?
  12. Woodland Woman

    A hawk got my duck. How do I process it?

    A hawk got one of my ducks today. She was about 5 months old. I am really not happy about it because she was almost ready to start laying. But the hawk only ate her head and her body is intact. I put her in the fridge in case we would be able to eat it. She was laying outside for probably...
  13. Woodland Woman

    Need help for a Vomiting Dog. (Warning Gross) Update

    I have a toy poodle that ate a lot of sweet potato skins over Thanksgiving and has been vomiting them up since Saturday. I didn't give them to her. She is also vomiting up water, dog food and an egg I gave her. It seems she can't keep anything down right now except a little water. I think...
  14. Woodland Woman

    Cornsyrup free Pecan Pie!

    I haven't made pies in a long time because gluten free crusts are a pain! This year I made a pear pie and a pecan pie. I experimented a little and here is the recipe for the corn syrup free Pecan Pie: 2 eggs 1/2 stick butter 1 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup white cane sugar 1/2 tsp salt 2 cups...
  15. Woodland Woman

    Need Well Water Experts

    Today we looked at a house that has well water and when I got up close and smelled it, it had a strong iron metallic smell. I am sure the water hasn't been used much recently so I don't know if it is always like that or if it could get that way because of not being used. If it is always like...
  16. Woodland Woman

    Looking for Volunteers to answer questions for dd's assignment.

    She has 9 questions she would like your opinion on. Looking for a variety of people of any religion but would like you to state your religion. If interested please pm me and she will send you the questions. Thanks.
  17. Woodland Woman

    Canning issue soft pepperocini.

    I canned some pepperocini about a month ago for salad peppers. I was planning on canning more today but I got to looking at the last jars and the peppers look soft and some mushy. How can I can them to be firm for salads? Or do I just need to bypass the canning process and " pickle" them in...
  18. Woodland Woman

    Help! Canning problem!

    Last night I canned a load of tomatoes in pint jars. When I woke up this morning I realized I only processed them for 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes. This morning I am processing them for the full 40 minutes. Do you think they will be ok?
  19. Woodland Woman

    Ominous Plans for the Gulf

    What do you think of this? A giant algae farm?
  20. Woodland Woman

    Can you can pickled broccoli?

    I am planning on making pickled vegetables. I want to use cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and green beans. I have looked but haven't found any canning recipes that include the broccoli florette. Has anyone done this successfully? Or does anyone have a good recipe?