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    Purpose for this??

    You should be able to get that o-ring at an auto parts,hardware, or industrial supply store. shadowrider
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    Soft Soap in 1906?

    I've been reading a fur tanning book written in 1906. Some of the cleaning and conditioning recipes call for soft soap. Do any of you soap makers know if there is a recipe to make this soap, or is there a current equivalent? Maybe just liquid soap would be okay. I'm trying to be as original as...
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    Suet for chickens?

    I bet they wipe their beeks alot while eating suet. shadowrider:)
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    Ummm, Road Kill

    A car about 1/4 mile in front of me rolled a buck into the ditch at the edge of a yard. The pickup behind the car stopped and as I drove by the driver of the pickup and the guy in the yard were trading punches over the deer. I didn't stay to see who won. Fresno County,California 1985. shadowrider
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    End of the Earth Postponed

    I thought the Mayan calender was carved in stone!
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    Hunting season has arrived! But I have no place to hunt...

    You can hunt in the national forests. Not all the WMAs are permitted hunts. Some of the permitted hunts close the area to hunting by permittees only for a few days. Some WMAs are open to archery but closed to all else. Dude recheck the book or online. There are millions of acres in Arkansas you...
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    Making Walking Canes?

    Hickory,dogwood,and hawthorne make fine canes and sticks. Try bending a crook or handle on a still living sapling if you can. Tie it over to a heavy rock or a stake. The roots of some are more naturally shaped for handles. Dogwood often is. shadowrider
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    building a barn from scratch(here's a drawing what do you think?)

    Just a thought: If you have a hill, a bank barn for access to the upper level might be nice. Google for pics of those. shadowrider