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    RUSH CHEAP useful books

    You might want to check the out if you have any interest,47447,70912&ap=1 Traditional Blacksmithing The Fine Art of Horseshoeing and Wagon Making $5,47447,70912&ap=1...
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    POWER4PATROITS program

    I just ran across this offer on another website The sales pitch run about 20 minutes before they got to the bottom line. They Wanted $27 to teach you how to build yourself 1.complete solar plant [big enough to get off the grid completely]. 2. Wind turbine system {again big enough to get off the...
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    Raw milk can you freeze it?

    I have found a source for raw milk [moonshine was easier!]. I only use a little at a time and I remember from posts here that heat treatment is not good if you want to make cheese. I freeze store bought milk all the time, can I do the same with raw milk until I am able to make cheese or does...
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    Any Restrictions on buying Anmo in your area?

    Now in NC I have to sign and give an address to buy ammo even a box of 50 22shorts. There signs up on the wall stating limits on what they will sell you. I asked the man and he said ammo is in short supply so we [the store]are rationing it so every body can get some. We hear that hoarding is...
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    Hit by F3 Tornado

    The area where I live was hit by a F3 tornado Saturday at 3:11 PM. Just got hi speed Internet back about an hour ago. Spent the first hour emailing friends and family that I was fine. I was sitting at this computer working on my taxes. I had filed my NC taxes the old fashioned pen and paper way...
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    Diaper Pails

    Can anyone tell me how soiled cloth diapers should be stored between use and washing to keep odors under control. I remember Mother put mine in a diaper pail and washed the contents twice a week. My memory of what else might have been placed in the diaper pail does not exist. I remember the...