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    U.S. Air Force tests biofuel at $59 per gallon

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. Navy angered Republicans by spending $26 a gallon for biofuels for this week's Great Green Fleet demonstration, but the Air Force received little attention when it paid twice as much per gallon to test synthetic jet fuel last month. The Air Force bought 11,000 gallons of...
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    Saltire Prize medal for inventor of Pelamis wave 'sea snake'

    The inventor of the so-called red sea snake wave energy device has been awarded the Saltire Prize medal. Dr Richard Yemm founded Pelamis Wave Power in Edinburgh in 1998. The company uses giant wave machines to generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sea. Saltire Prize medal for...
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    Air pollution bigger threat than dirty water

    Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), report says pollution will become biggest cause of premature death, killing an estimated 3.6 million people a year by 2050. Urban air pollution is set to become the biggest environmental cause of premature death in the coming decades...
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    Zorlu plans another 200 MW wind power in Pakistan

    While informing that its under-construction 56 MW wind power project in Jhimpir coastal area of Sindh will commence operations from December this year, the Zorlu Energy Group of Turkey has shown interest for investment in another 200 MW wind power project. A three member delegation of the...
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    Aqualia eyes large-scale algae biofuel production

    Water management company Aqualia plans to launch a commercial-scale demonstration project using waste water to cultivate algae for biofuel production, which could fuel 400 vehicles, the firm said on Monday. Spain's Aqualia, owned by construction and services company FCC, in collaboration with...
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    Italian engineer invents cost effective floating solar panels

    Rays of the winter sun bounce off gleaming mirrors on the tiny lake of Colignola in Italy, where engineers have built a cost-effective prototype for floating, rotating solar panels. "You are standing on a photovoltaic floating plant which tracks the sun, it's the first platform of its kind in...
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    Prawns net profit for flood-hit Bangladesh rice farmers

    The world may have agreed to start work on a new accord to cut planet-warming emissions due to come into force by 2020, but for many poor people in developing countries, that is an age away. Rice farmers in flood-prone Bangladesh need solutions to their climate woes now, and are finding that...
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    Cargill scheme to generate 1.4MW from beef processing waste

    Waste from Cargill's massive meat processing facility at High River, Alberta, will be used to fuel a waste-to-energy plant that will boost the proportion of renewable energy used by the site to around 80 per cent. Cargill is investing CAD36m and the Government of Canada is providing around...
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    Beef Cuts Chart and Recipe

    Did you know that beef is divided into sections called primal cuts? From these large areas, the meat cutter makes smaller portions suitable for individual or family-sized packaging. Different cuts of beef require unique cooking methods. A chuck, for example, makes an excellent roast but isn't as...
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    Just Keep Planting: Turning Wasteland into Forest

    A marvelous example of determination towards making the world a better place When Paul was a boy growing up in Utah, he happened to live near an old copper smelter. The sulfur dioxide that poured out of the refinery had made a desolate wasteland out of what used to be a beautiful forest. When...
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    Mainland to invest up to US$300m in biofuels

    The mainland's aviation industry is expected to inject as much as US$300 million over the next four years to expand its supply of biofuels, says a senior executive at American aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Complete News =
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    The Sustainable Seafood Myth

    Stroll by any Whole Foods seafood counter and you will see color-coded fish: Green for fully sustainable, yellow for partially sustainable, and red for fish threatened by overfishing or grown on polluting fish farms. Buy a "green" fish and you eat guilt free, confident that you are doing your...
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    Disaster Planning Tips for Pets, Livestock and Wildlife

    I read tips in case of any disaster on a blog and want to share in context of current disasters especially fire. The Humane Society of the United States Offers Disaster Planning Tips for Pets, Livestock and Wildlife. Whether it's a large-scale natural catastrophe or an unforeseen emergency that...
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    Pooch Park Powered by Poop

    Dogs are great--until their poop gets all over your new shoes. Even when dog owners responsibly dispose of dog waste, the excrement continues to generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas. That's where the Park Spark project, billed as the first public methane digester for dogs, comes in...
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    Hello From Pakistan

    Hi I am Qureshi from Pakistan Engineer by profession and farming enthusiast. Its good to be here